Meet Our Staff

Anjali Bains

Anjali Bains

Lead Director, Energy Access and Equity

Brenda Cassellius

Executive Director

Margaret Cherne-Hendrick, PhD

Senior Lead, Innovation and Impact

Joe Dammel

Managing Director, Buildings

Caitlin Eichten

Caitlin Eichten

Senior Policy Associate, Buildings

Justin Fay Fresh Energy Headshot

Justin Fay

Senior Lead, Public Affairs and Advocacy

Eric Fowler Headshot

Eric Fowler

Senior Policy Associate, Buildings

Allen Gleckner

Executive Lead, Policy and Programs

J. Drake Hamilton

Senior Director, Science Policy

Lani Hanson Headshot

Lani Hanson

Senior Editor, Energy News Network

Liz Hatfield

Community Associate, People Operations

Dan Haugen

Managing Editor, Energy News Network

Susan Hellstrom

Community Engagement Associate

Anna Johnson Headshot

Anna Johnson, MPP

Senior Manager, State and Local Affairs

Brynn Kirsling

Senior Manager, Advocacy Campaigns

Kathryn Krawczyk

Associate Editor – Newsletter/Multiplatform, Energy News Network

Mat Krisetya Fresh Energy Head Shot

Mat Larson Krisetya

Executive Lead, Organizational Health

Isak standing in Fresh Energy's Saint Paul Office

Isak Kvam

Senior Communications Associate, Writer

Meggie LaValley

Meggie LaValley

Senior Director, Individual Giving

Christine McCormick

Digital Communications Associate

Craig McDonnell

Managing Director, Industry

Steve Merino

Steve Merino

Senior Business Operations Associate

Mari Ojeda Head Shot

Mari Ojeda

Senior Policy Associate, Energy Access and Equity

Julia Olmstead

Julia Olmstead

Executive Lead, Philanthropy

Jo Olson

Jo Olson

Lead Director, Communications and Engagement

Leigh Onkka

Leigh Onkka

Senior Development Manager

Ken Paulman

Senior Director, Energy News Network

Isabel Ricker

Director, Clean Electricity

Mike Schowalter

Senior Manager, Wholesale Electric Grid Transition

Jillian Theuer

Senior Development Associate

John Vaughn

Managing Director, Community Development and Finance

Janiece Watts

Director of Culture and Partnerships

Rachel Wiedewitsch

Senior Policy Associate



Consultants and Collaborators

Jukka Kukkonen

Clean Transportation Consultant

Curtis Nordgaard, M.D.

Fossil Gas and Health Consultant