John Vaughn

Managing Director, Community Development and Finance

612 408 7418


In his role as Managing Director, Community Development and Finance on Fresh Energy’s Energy Access and Equity team, John will help Fresh Energy build a new strategy and program focused on financing an equitable clean energy transition. A core focus as John begins his work with Fresh Energy will be supporting the distribution of federal clean energy funding in Minnesota to ensure benefits reach under-resourced communities, communities of color, and those residing outside of the Twin Cities.

Through John’s work, alongside the Energy Access and Equity team, Fresh Energy will create a new avenue of change within Fresh Energy that will get us closer to achieving our goal of a just and equitable energy transition through clean energy financing, economic development, and workforce development.

Much of John’s career has been spent in economic and community development on Saint Paul’s East Side and in Northeast Minneapolis. In 2019, John took his experience and bridged into rural solar development and joined the team at Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) where his work focused on using solar to reduce poverty in Northern and Central Minnesota.

John lives in Stillwater, Minnesota, where he spends his spare time renovating a historic home built in 1885. John and his son, Conor, enjoy spending time at their off-the-grid cabin near Silver Bay, Minnesota.