Clean Energy Stories

As part of our initiative to highlight the importance and impact of energy policies on Minnesotan communities, Fresh Energy is connecting with everyday families and businesses to learn their clean energy stories. Below is a collection of these stories.

Connect with us! Are you the proud owner of an electric vehicle? Have you made changes in your home to embrace clean energy? Please email us to share your story:

MiEnergy Cooperative is building an all-electric, efficient future
A Southeastern Minnesota-based electric cooperative takes energy efficiency and electric transportation seriously. See what financial incentives they’re offering their member-owners.

Aryanna and Elena head to D.C. in an electric car
A pair of 5th graders set off to our nation’s capitol in an electric vehicle with the help of their dads. Their goal? Encourage policymakers to take action on climate change.

Carlos and Maria save with solar energy
Learn how this rural Minnesota couple saved money by signing up for a community solar garden near their home in Cold Spring.

Deciding what to drive and when to charge: David and Louise share their story
Charging an electric car during off-peak energy times can really pay off. Learn how David and Louise made it happen.

70 something-year-old couple take a 4,600 road trip in their Tesla
Driving cross-country in an electric vehicle? Is it really possible? Yes! See how one retired couple did it.

Villa del Sol under construction

Villa del Sol embraces energy efficiency
A local Saint Paul, Minnesota affordable housing developer upped their energy efficiency game, saving thousands for their tenants in the process.

Lori buys a pre-owned electric vehicle
After her gas-powered car of 15 years finally sputtered out, Lori Greene bought a used electric Leaf to get around town. See how she did it.

Don and Pat say “yes!” to clean energy
Don and Pat take environmental stewardship seriously. Looking to make some impactful changes in their life,  they turned to clean energy… How’d they do it?

Michael finally gets an electric vehicle: why was it so hard?
Buying an electric vehicle shouldn’t be a hassle. Why did our executive director have such a hard time?

The Schempps take on clean energy!
The Schempps are a middle-class family of four, living in their cozy West Saint Paul home. Excited about helping the environment, they decided to embrace clean energy.