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Fresh Energy is making sure Minnesota and our region move quickly toward a clean energy future.

We need everyone to come together, stand up, and show our children and the world that we will not back down on our commitments for a brighter future.  

Stay tuned to this page for updates on how you can be the change. When you take action, you’re helping to make progress toward moving Minnesota’s economy off of fossil fuels onto a cleaner, healthier energy system.

Tell Congress: Tackle climate change with innovative clean energy solutions

In order to bend the curve and avoid the most U.S. Senator for Minnesota Tina Smith has proposed America’s first national Clean Electricity Payment Program, or Clean Electricity Standard. This groundbreaking legislation has the potential to be the most significant climate action the United States has ever taken. It is critical that Congress include it as part of any budget package adopted in 2021. 

Help at home

Smart Thermostat

Help us accelerate moving Minnesota and our region toward a clean energy future with these tips for action. Get more details about contacting your legislator, making changes to your transportation and home, and learning from others! Read more.