Lori buys a pre-owned electric car

After her gas-powered car of 15 years finally sputtered out, Lori Greene bought a used electric Leaf to get around town. See how she did it.

Dinner party download on 100 percent clean energy

So what does 100 percent carbon-free energy really mean? Our senior policy associate, Laura Hannah, shares a conversation with her dad on some commonly asked questions.

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Fresh Energy statement on Public Utilities Commission new appointments

Fresh Energy applauds Governor Walz’s appointments to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, Valerie Means and the new Chair Katie Sieben.

Fresh Energy statement: We must be bolder with Ford site redevelopment

We have a 21st century opportunity to embrace innovation through efficiency and electrification at the Ford Site. Let’s make it happen.

70-something-year-old couple take a 4,600 mile road trip—in their Tesla Model 3

Driving cross-country in an electric vehicle? Is it really possible? Yes! See how one retired couple did it.

Minnesotans pay much less for electricity than their neighbors

Electricity bills in Minnesota are among the lowest in the Midwest and wind energy is, by far, our lowest-cost electricity generation source. So why the debate?

What’s happening at the legislature? March update

Bills are moving and shaking at the Capitol. Get a full update on Fresh Energy’s priorities from Justin Fay.