Don and Pat go all-in with clean energy

Don and Pat take environmental stewardship seriously. Looking to make some impactful changes in their life,  they turned to clean energy… How’d they do it?

Fresh Energy shapes and drives realistic, visionary energy policies that benefit all.

Recent News

Fresh Energy teams up with Minnesota Department of Commerce

We’re part of a stakeholder later this month to discuss opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of low-income conservation programming.

An exciting new opportunity for Ellen Palmer!

Our long-term Chief Operations and Finance Director, Ellen Palmer, has decided to accept a new career opportunity. See where she’s headed next.

Fresh Energy statement: Renewable energy and electric transportation are the path forward

Instead of investing time and resources into unneeded fossil-fuel infrastructure like Line 3, Minnesota should speed the transition to electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.

Electric vehicles are great winter cars

Don’t believe the negative hype. Electric cars work well in snow and ice, and their range keeps increasing. Read more from our consultant Jukka Kokkenen.

Healing thoughts for J. Drake Hamilton

We all know and love J. for her data-driven, science-based approach to moving Minnesota to a clean energy economy, Please join us in sending positive, healing energy to J.

Behind the scenes with Bill Opalka

Get to know the team behind the Energy News Network. This month, we sit down with freelance reporter Bill Opalka and learn about his extensive journalism career.