Partnering to create equitable, efficient housing options

Ben Passer, senior policy associate, reflects on a recent national conference around energy efficiency, health, and equity — and the importance of ensuring that our policies create healthier communities for all.

Fresh Energy shapes and drives realistic, visionary energy policies that benefit all.

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How are other states expanding access to solar?

Fresh Energy led development of the overarching Minnesota law that requires utilities to develop community solar programs. The policy we shaped and drove was rooted in lessons learned from other states. As Minnesota takes the next steps to shape a community solar offering specifically for low-income households and communities, Fresh Energy is going through the same process.

Bringing older homes into the electric economy

As wind and solar markets grow, Minnesota’s electricity is getting cleaner and it’s becoming increasingly beneficial to power more of our economy with electricity. Just because you live in an old house doesn’t mean you can’t move toward a carbon-free, electric economy.

Analysis: Minnesota’s commitment continues despite Paris pull-out

Is there a silver lining to Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement? Fresh Energy’s executive director reflects on Minnesota leadership at this important time.