Local family goes all-in with clean energy

The Schempps are a middle-class family of four, living in their cozy West Saint Paul home. Excited about helping the environment, they decided to embrace clean energy. Here’s their story.

Climate action will require a bold commitment to equity

People of color and under served communities face significant adverse consequences from a warming planet and have the least amount of resources to adapt. We must address this disparity.

Fresh Energy shapes and drives realistic, visionary energy policies that benefit all.

Recent News

Fresh Energy at the Global Climate Summit COP24

Fresh Energy has officially arrived to the COP24 summit—which brings together an estimated 30,000 people from 195 nations. Follow updates below from the summit.

Carbon sequestration is part of the clean energy equation

To ambitiously reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we must get carbon out of our energy systems. Carbon sequestration can help us do that.

Fresh Energy statement: Public Utilities Commission makes sweeping commitment to electric vehicles

Read our statement on the Commission’s order to boost electric vehicle integration by directing utilities to support public charging stations and time-of-use rates.

Michael finally gets an electric vehicle: why was it so hard?

Buying an electric vehicle shouldn’t be a hassle. Why did our executive director have such a hard time?

Metro Transit’s 100% electric bus fleet target is a big step

After months of requests from environmental and equity groups, Metro Transit announced a plan to transition the entire Twin Cities bus fleet to electric power by 2040.

2019 legislative session: what can we expect?

With a new governor and fresh leadership in the Minnesota House, what’s in store for climate and energy legislation? Justin Fay takes a look.