Minnesota leads on solar for pollinators and crops

2016 was the first year of Minnesota’s solar bloom — but there’s plenty more to come. While even more solar sites are planned to be built in the years ahead, tens of millions of native flowers and short-growing meadow grasses will be taking root under and around the panels. Look for black-eyed susans to develop faster than the rest, followed by purple prairie clover, partridge pea, butterfly weed, and more.

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New generation of electric cars creates win-win opportunities for local governments

A new generation of affordable, long-range electric vehicles is coming to market, creating opportunities for state and local governments to save thousands of dollars per car. Fresh Energy crunched the numbers to find out whether these operational savings would make up for the higher upfront cost.

J. Drake Hamilton ranked among global climate action leaders and influencers

Fresh Energy’s science policy director J. Drake Hamilton was recently recognized for her outstanding climate action leadership by Onalytica. The Climate Action Award: Top 100 Influencers and Brands, released on February 7, 2017- ranked J. Drake Hamilton #76 in global influence, based on relevance and reach of social media content, engagement with followers, and frequency of reference to her content.