About Us

Our Mission

Fresh Energy’s mission is to shape and drive bold policy solutions to achieve equitable carbon-neutral economies. Together we are working toward a vision of a just, prosperous, and resilient future powered by a shared commitment to a carbon-neutral economy. 

Fresh Energy is speeding Minnesota’s transition to a clean energy economy, which will ensure that our region enjoys good health, a vibrant economy, and thriving communities today and for generations to come. From putting Minnesota on the pathway to being a national renewable energy leader to promoting clean transportation options for our growing economy, Fresh Energy has been an essential partner in helping the region develop efficient, cost-effective, and inclusive energy programming.

Working purely in the public interest, Fresh Energy’s team of scientists, economists, policy analysts, and educators develops and advances solutions that secure a clean energy future where all can thrive.

Learn more about Fresh Energy’s Strategic Framework that guides the organization. This framework was updated in 2020.

Learn more about Fresh Energy’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Commitment to Anti-Racism.

Our Story

Watch a whirlwind three-minute video about Fresh Energy’s history, what we’ve accomplished, and what’s next:


Our work takes place through seven major program areas:

  • Clean Electricity: Speeding the transition to a zero-carbon electric grid through effective, innovative, and data-driven policy solutions. 
  • Energy Access and Equity: Ensuring equity in both process and outcomes as we advance clean energy solutions for all Minnesotans.
  • Energy News Network: Shining a light on energy-decision making and elevating diverse stories in the transition to a zero-carbon economy. 
  • Energy Transition: Creating a carbon-neutral economy through strategies that blend energy efficiency, beneficial electrification, innovation, and more across Minnesota’s industrial, transportation, agricultural, and building economies. 
  • Public Affairs: Building a shared commitment to a zero-carbon future and driving ambitious policy change at multiple levels of government.   

Core Values

Incorporated in 1992, Fresh Energy is a trusted energy leader. Our work is rooted in the following core values. These core values were refreshed in 2020:

  • We act with courage and determination. We recognize the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for bold change at scale.
  • We act with honesty and integrity. We pursue the most effective policy solutions based on holistic analysis and open-minded, transparent evaluation.
  • We act to advance equity and justice. We are committed to a clean energy transition that improves people’s lives and confronts systemic racial and economic inequities.
  • We act in the spirit of cooperation and inclusion. We value collaboration and honor diverse perspectives in our programs and organization.
  • We act as responsible stewards. We honor the time and talents of our staff and volunteers, model environmental responsibility, and spend wisely the funds entrusted to us.