Renewable Electricity

Minnesota stands ready to benefit from clean, affordable sources of electricity like wind and solar, and all the improvements they bring to health, well-being, and our natural environment. Fresh Energy’s experts continue to pave the way for Minnesota to harness the power of the marketplace to expand the adoption of renewable energy and accelerate our leadership in the clean energy economy.

Xcel Energy files proposal for low-income community solar offerings

This week, Xcel Energy filed a “concept proposal” to develop a community solar garden project intended to serve low-income customers. The proposal comes on the heels of months of advocacy for improved low-income community solar offerings from Fresh Energy and many partner organizations at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

Fresh Energy statement on bipartisan push for an increased Renewable Energy Standard

Fresh Energy science policy director J. Drake Hamilton released the following statement after Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith unveiled the proposed legislation for an increased Renewable Energy Standard.

Minnesota leads on solar for pollinators and crops

2016 was the first year of Minnesota’s solar bloom — but there’s plenty more to come. While even more solar sites are planned to be built in the years ahead, tens of millions of native flowers and short-growing meadow grasses will be taking root under and around the panels. Look for black-eyed susans to develop faster than the rest, followed by purple prairie clover, partridge pea, butterfly weed, and more.

Xcel community solar turns two

As the market potential and popularity of community solar grows nationally, all eyes are on Minnesota. Why are so few projects up and running? How real is the 800MW queue? Is the program sustainable? At the two year anniversary of Xcel Energy’s community solar program launch, we’re taking a deep dive on the health of the program today and its potential going forward.