Renewable Electricity

Minnesota stands ready to benefit from clean, affordable sources of electricity like wind and solar, and all the improvements they bring to health, well-being, and our natural environment. Fresh Energy’s experts continue to pave the way for Minnesota to harness the power of the marketplace to expand the adoption of renewable energy and accelerate our leadership in the clean energy economy.

Solar sites serve up the Tesla of honey

Solar is blooming in Minnesota—and as ground-mounted solar sites spring up around the state, most include an important feature: pollinator habitat. Beekeepers are jumping on the opportunity.

Time of use electricity pricing: good for bringing even more wind online

In a previous post, we argued time-of-use pricing will boost wind development by increasing demand for electricity during times of high wind generation. In this post, we walk through a simplified electricity market to show how this works.

How are other states expanding access to solar?

Fresh Energy led development of the overarching Minnesota law that requires utilities to develop community solar programs. The policy we shaped and drove was rooted in lessons learned from other states. As Minnesota takes the next steps to shape a community solar offering specifically for low-income households and communities, Fresh Energy is going through the same process.

Fresh Energy’s 25 years of progress on renewable electricity

Renewable electricity is booming in Minnesota. In honor of our 25th anniversary, Fresh Energy takes a look at the policies that paved the way and what’s coming next for the renewables market.