Renewable Electricity

Minnesota stands ready to benefit from clean, affordable sources of electricity like wind and solar, and all the improvements they bring to health, well-being, and our natural environment. Fresh Energy’s experts continue to pave the way for Minnesota to harness the power of the marketplace to expand the adoption of renewable energy and accelerate our leadership in the clean energy economy.

How grid policy gets written

Over the past 18 months, Fresh Energy has been working with our partners to rewrite  Minnesota’s interconnection standards, which dictate how every new distributed energy system connects to our distribution grid.

January 30 | Energizing Impact: How can private investment spur clean energy for all?

Join Fresh Energy for a conversation about impact investment and an exciting first-hand story of how it is working to bring solar to low-income communities.

Transitioning to an all-electric economy

The path to electrifying our economy starts with the low-hanging fruit—getting off of fossil fuels and on to clean electricity to power our cars, heat and cool our homes, and create a modern and resilient electric grid.

Minnesota should use Xcel’s pilot to make solar work for all

Fresh Energy’s proposal would use the pilot project on the East Side of Saint Paul as a model for as many as twelve other neighborhood projects across Xcel’s service territory.