What’s up with heat pumps?

Heat pumps have been having a “moment” lately—and rightfully so. Avoiding the worst impacts of climate change means transitioning our entire economy, starting here in Minnesota, to be carbon-neutral by 2050. That requires a dramatic change in the energy that powers our homes, businesses, and workplaces, shifting away from burning fossil fuels towards using zero- and low-carbon alternatives. Heat pumps can help us make that transition.

5 Equity Takeaways in New Utility Energy Efficiency Plans

Young couple moving in new house, changing a light bulb.

Energy efficiency programs are powerful tools that can reduce the energy we need in our homes, apartments, and buildings which results in both lower energy bills for customers and a reduced climate impact.

The Time is Now for Equitable Investments in Minnesota’s Energy Efficiency Programs

Mother and son doing housework together

Minnesota’s investor-owned utilities have filed their latest plans or energy efficiency programs and we know that these programs aren’t equitably serving the Minnesotans who stand to benefit most. Read Fresh Energy’s five recommendations for improvement.