13 years in the rearview: The making of Clean Cars Minnesota

Every day, Minnesotans drive more than 123 million miles—the distance from Earth to the sun, and halfway back again. These miles add up to a massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions, making cars and trucks the number one source of climate pollution for the transportation sector in our state. While Minnesota is working to curb the number of vehicle miles traveled by increasing investments in electrification and in public transit, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure, more must be done to reduce the emissions from vehicles on the road. That’s where clean car standards come into play.

Ford F-150 Lightning unveiling marks the future of the auto industry—and it’s electric

Pickup truck enthusiasts and electric vehicle aficionados alike were pleased when Ford released its latest F-150 pickup on May 19. The new all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning is the auto company’s most innovative vehicle yet. Arriving in 2022 with an expected range of 300-plus miles per charge and 4.0 seconds 0 to 60 mph acceleration, the Lightning’s reveal comes hot on the heels of Minnesota clearing the final hurdle to become the 15th Clean Cars state and the first in the Midwest.