Clean Energy Stories

As part of our initiative to highlight the importance and impact of energy policies on Minnesotan communities, Fresh Energy is connecting with everyday families and businesses to learn their clean energy stories. Below is a collection of these stories.

Connect with us! Are you the proud owner of an electric vehicle? Have you made changes in your home to embrace clean energy? Email info@fresh-energy.org to share your story.

Hot Off the Presses: Owners of Kerkhoven Banner See the Light

The Kerkhoven Banner is a wonderful example of a family-owned business leading the charge for solar in their town – a smart investment for their business and the environment.

Janiece and Alan buy a used electric car—online!

Buying a used electric car off Craig’s List? It’s possible! See how our policy associate, Janiece Watts, and her partner Alan scored a great deal.

Carlos and Maria save with solar energy

Learn how this rural Minnesota couple saved money by signing up for a community solar garden near their home in Cold Spring.

Deciding what to drive and when to charge: David and Louise share their story

Charging an electric vehicle during off peak electricity times can really pay off. See how David and Louise took advantage of flexible pricing.

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