Solar panels stand in a field. Behind them, wind turbines. In the foreground, bees among flowers. At the Westmill Solar and Wind Farm.

Clean Power

Catalyzing a massive shift in electricity generation toward a future powered by wind, solar, storage, and a modern electricity grid.

MISO’s long-term planning will play a key role in decarbonization

With long term planning for new transmission projects currently underway, Minnesota’s grid operator, MISO, is working to plan a future-proof electric grid.

Minnesota Commission approves two innovative pilots to increase load flexibility and lower system costs

New time-of-use rate pilots will test a few different strategies for encouraging Xcel Energy’s commercial and industrial customers to shift their electricity usage.

Data Dive: New numbers show Minnesota’s carbon-free progress

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes when we flip the light switch, turn on the tv, or plug in an electric vehicle for at-home charging. Whatever its source, energy must be harnessed or collected, then transported, before it can be used to power our homes and businesses.

Court decision delivers major setback for Minnesota Power’s carbon-neutrality goals

The Minnesota Supreme Court has delivered a ruling allowing Minnesota Power to continue pursuing its proposal to build the 600-megawatt NTEC fossil gas power plant.