Better Buildings

Highly efficient homes and commercial buildings make Minnesota a great place to live and do business. Fresh Energy is identifying new data-driven opportunities that save money – for home owners, renters, and companies – and improve the health of our communities.

Buildings of the future and a more electric economy

In order to dramatically reduce our buildings’ energy footprints, we need to make them so super-efficient that they can run on small amounts of clean electricity.

Bringing older homes into the electric economy

As wind and solar markets grow, Minnesota’s electricity is getting cleaner and it’s becoming increasingly beneficial to power more of our economy with electricity. Just because you live in an old house doesn’t mean you can’t move toward a carbon-free, electric economy.

High-performance buildings are a big opportunity for Minnesota

Fresh Energy’s Michael Noble and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity’s Sue Haigh make the case that highly efficient buildings are beneficial to Minnesota homeowners of all income levels.

Built for the Future: Celebrating 25 years of progress on energy efficient buildings

Fresh Energy’s Built for the Future Power Pairing event brought together two leaders with unique perspectives on high efficiency homes. Find out what they had to say.