An xcelsior Charge bus, with green and black livery, is parked on a city street. A young woman walks down the bus' ramp.

Beneficial Electrification

Leading a healthy transition from oil and gas to clean, renewable electricity to power our homes, cars, and buses.

Now powered by solar, Erik’s Bike Shop coasts forward on clean energy—and e-bikes

Across the Midwest, no other purveyor of bicycles is as well-known as Erik’s – but just how did the company’s journey unfold?

Fresh Energy launches groundbreaking Gas Decarbonization program

Fresh Energy’s Gas Decarbonization program is the first of its kind in the state and will be pivotal to moving toward a future where buildings and industries are powered by clean electricity instead of fossil gas.

Fresh Energy Statement: White House Electric Vehicle Executive Order promising shift, proposed federal tailpipe emissions standards to align with Clean Cars Minnesota

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration will announce an unprecedented goal for half of all passenger vehicles sold by 2030 to be battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, or fuel cell-powered. The administration also proposed an update to federal tailpipe emissions standards alongside this news.

What’s up with heat pumps?

Heat pumps have been having a “moment” lately—and rightfully so. Avoiding the worst impacts of climate change means transitioning our entire economy, starting here in Minnesota, to be carbon-neutral by 2050. That requires a dramatic change in the energy that powers our homes, businesses, and workplaces, shifting away from burning fossil fuels towards using zero- and low-carbon alternatives. Heat pumps can help us make that transition.