Summer Energy School

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Welcome to the electrifying world of Summer Energy School, where we’ll be diving into the juicy details of clean energy and climate policy here in Minnesota! Twice a month, we’ll send you a text with a new post to read and a short, five-question quiz so you can test your knowledge. By summer’s end, you’ll be a master of all things energy! Your friends will be so jealous.

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to power up your energy knowledge! Sign up below, and we’ll text you in early June when class starts.

Lesson 1: What’s Up with Integrated Resource Planning?

Summer Energy School is officially in session! Our first class is on Integrated Resource Plans, the plans electric utilities create to choose whether they’ll generate clean or dirty electricity. Read this post and ✏️ take the quiz ✏️ to get the lowdown.

Lesson 2: What’s up with transmission and the energy transition?

Welcome back! This class is all about transmission—the really big power lines that carry electricity from where it’s made to where it’s used—and how they’re the MVP of cleaning up our electric grid. Keep reading to learn how we can use them to unlock more clean energy! ✏️Test your knowledge here. ✏️

Lesson 3: What’s up with
building and energy

Welcome back to Summer Energy School! In this class, we’re going to dive into how building codes play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. ✏️ Get your knowledge up to code and take the quiz here!✏️

Lesson 4: What’s up with networked geothermal?

Class is back in session! This Summer Energy School session’s topic is networked geothermal, using heat pumps across a grid of buildings for mega-efficient (and clean!) heating. ✏️ Level up your knowledge, then take the quiz! ✏️

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