Celebrating 25 years of working together and giving back

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John Dunlop first learned about climate change when he was in engineering school in the 1970s. Recognizing this global threat, he set out on a career path to work toward mitigating and reducing the effects of a changing climate. Luckily for Fresh Energy, John and his wife Susan met Michael Noble shortly before Fresh Energy was formed. When asked to serve on the first Fresh Energy board of Directors in 1992, John agreed. Fast forward to 2017, John and Susan are still passionately committed to Fresh Energy’s mission and generous Power Circle donors.

John and Susan recognize both the value of Fresh Energy and the important role we all have to play in our transition to a clean energy economy. “Our society functions best when we accomplish tasks together, and we all play an essential role in participating and engaging in public policy discourse and decisions,” John said. “Fresh Energy is one of the most committed organizations in the state that is able to effectively tailor state policies to address climate and quality of life issues. We all need to support organizations like Fresh Energy so they can continue this work that is so important to all Minnesotans and the future of our grandchildren and their grandchildren.”