J. Drake Hamilton ranked among global climate action leaders and influencers

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Fresh Energy’s science policy director J. Drake Hamilton was recently recognized for her outstanding climate action leadership by Onalytica. The Climate Action Award: Top 100 Influencers and Brands, released on February 7, 2017- ranked J. Drake Hamilton #76 in global influence, based on relevance and reach of social media content, engagement with followers, and frequency of reference to her content.

At Fresh Energy, J. directs the Global Warming Solutions program, which advances deep carbon reductions through cost-effective market-based solutions. Over the years, J. estimates that she has given presentations to over 70,000 people from businesses and civic audiences. She represented Fresh Energy at the international climate negotiations in Paris in 2015, and was invited to meet with President Obama at the White House on Minnesota’s climate and clean energy policies.

J. continues to inspire climate solutions at the scale of the problem. In October 2016, J. was recognized by the Climate Reality Project as one of the Top 10 Climate Leaders, #6 out of an esteemed group of 11,000 global leaders.

If you would like J. to speak to your business or civic organization, please contact her at 651-726-7562 or Hamilton@fresh-energy.org.