Join us in welcoming Brynn to the Fresh Energy team!

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Fresh Energy is continuing to drive bold policy solutions to achieve equitable carbon-neutral economies here in Minnesota and beyond. Our staff are plugged in across different avenues of climate and clean energy progress, and some of this work comes in the form of rallying Minnesotans and advocates around a specific policy or cause—Clean Cars Minnesota is a great example of a recent advocacy campaign Fresh Energy worked to advance!

Brynn Kirsling, senior associate, advocacy campaigns on the Public Affairs team.

To support Fresh Energy’s programmatic goals and the critical work of achieving carbon neutral economies by mid-century, Fresh Energy brought a new staff member to our Public Affairs team. Join us in welcoming Brynn Kirsling, our new senior associate, advocacy campaigns, to Fresh Energy!

Living in Saint Paul, Minnesota’s, Midway neighborhood with their two dogs and two cats, Brynn has worked in several different political and policy areas throughout their career, ranging from electoral and advocacy campaigns to union organizing and, most recently, government administration at the Minnesota State House of Representatives.

Brynn is excited to be bringing her wealth of experience to Fresh Energy, where she’ll explore new approaches to climate advocacy that strengthen the public resolve for change and build relationships. Outside of work, Brynn enjoys spending time with her pets, finding a good patio or brewery to hang out at, running, gardening, playing music, and, in Brynn’s words, “watching any and all soccer.”

Stay tuned for updates from Brynn in the weeks and months to come!