Mat Krisetya on “creating an experience,” for Minnesota’s Upsize Magazine

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The full cover story on Mat and other local business leaders was featured in the May/June 2022 issue of Upsize Magazine.

Mat Krisetya, executive lead, organizational health, at Fresh Energy. Photo/Upsize Magazine.

Fresh Energy, a non-profit in St. Paul dedicated to shaping policy that leads to carbon-neutral economies, works in a growing niche, but not one everyone knows about. Add in the “Great Resignation” and the organization has been honing its strategies, not only for finding new workers, but for retaining those already on board. 

The company has tried to personalize its job postings, including with them videos from the hiring manager so potential applicants will know who they would be working for, says Mat Krisetya, executive lead organizational health. Fresh Energy also sends interviewees questions in advance, so they are less nervous and can have a more comfortable conversation when they do apply. 

The cover story of the May/June issue of Upsize Magazine, featuring Fresh Energy’s Mat Krisetya.

“We want to personalize the things that seem impersonal when people apply for a job,” he says. “Anytime a person gets into an interview they are always nervous. We want to know who you are. If they are nervous, they are unable to reveal who they are. That’s what is important for us.” It’s also working on its retention strategies, adding this year to its long-standing half-day Fridays during the summer new benefits such as allowing parents-to-be to accrue six weeks of paid time off from the previous year so they can take a full 12-week paid leave and allowing workers to begin vesting in their 403(b) retirement plans immediately. 

“We understand there is life besides work,” he says. “We want to partner with them, so they know that Fresh Energy supports their life outside of work.” 

Read the full cover story on Mat and other local leaders in the May/June issue of Upsize Magazine.