Global Warming Solutions

Fresh Energy is helping Minnesota continue its successful progress in reducing the use of fossil fuels to produce electricity. We provide public education, science policy expertise, and data-driven solutions that set the stage for a future rooted in zero-carbon energy.

Getting off fossil fuel to heat hot water with the wind

Learn how the Hamilton family achieved deep carbon reductions by switching to a heat pump water heater in their home.

Code Blue for Patient Earth

Last Friday, health professionals and students came together to learn about the impacts of climate change to health and the tools to take action.

Fresh Energy’s 25 years of progress on retiring coal plants

When Fresh Energy was founded in 1992, Minnesota generated almost two-thirds of its electricity from coal. Looking forward to today, coal is now only 39 percent of the state’s electricity generation and 19 of the 23 large coal-burning units in Minnesota have been announced for retirement. Learn more about our progress.

Minnesota businesses demonstrate that deep carbon reductions are achievable

Get inspired by stories of deep carbon reductions on the global stage, alongside business and government partners.