little girl child is standing in green field of buckwheat flowers in front of wind turbine plant farm

Global Warming Solutions

Advancing and elevating Minnesota progress toward a zero-carbon energy economy.

J. Drake Hamilton: “Now’s the time to embrace climate solutions”

Fresh Energy’s long-term science policy director is back in the office and out in the community sharing her message of hope and optimism in the face of the climate crisis. Hear more from J.

Teach your parents well

The kids have taken to the streets. With climate action strikes and protests around the world, youth are leading a global movement. It’s time for adults to step up.

Carlos and Maria save with solar energy

Learn how this rural Minnesota couple saved money by signing up for a community solar garden near their home in Cold Spring.

Deciding what to drive and when to charge: David and Louise share their story

Charging an electric vehicle during off peak electricity times can really pay off. See how David and Louise took advantage of flexible pricing.