little girl child is standing in green field of buckwheat flowers in front of wind turbine plant farm

Global Warming Solutions

Advancing and elevating Minnesota progress toward a zero-carbon energy economy.

Lori buys a pre-owned electric car

After her gas-powered car of 15 years finally sputtered out, Lori Greene bought a used electric Leaf to get around town. See how she did it.

Villa del Sol, an affordable housing development, embraces energy efficiency

A local Saint Paul, Minnesota affordable housing developer upped their energy efficiency game, saving thousands for their tenants in the process.

Don and Pat go all-in with clean energy

Don and Pat take environmental stewardship seriously. Looking to make some impactful changes in their life,  they turned to clean energy… How’d they do it?

Fresh Energy at the Global Climate Summit COP24

Read our full report from the COP24 summit—which brings together an estimated 30,000 people from 195 nations to discuss climate action.