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Energy Efficiency

Cutting waste in our energy system and improving our communities with super-efficient, resilient homes and commercial buildings.

Top 13

Our “Top 13” Accomplishments of 2019

The accelerating pace of climate change demands swift, bold action and we are rising to the challenge. To close the books on 2019, we’ve assembled this list of highlights. Together we made change happen!

Saint Paul Follows Best Practice of Tracking Building Energy Usage

Saint Paul’s Climate Action Plan identified that 62 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions come from building energy usage. We’re excited to see that the city is making moves to address this by considering more closely tracking energy usage in large buildings. We see as a first step toward addressing some of these emissions and ultimately reducing energy consumption.

Fuel-Switching 101: moving towards an efficient and carbon-free future

Fuel-switching describes the replacement of an end-use consumer technology with one that consumes a different fuel. And there are big opportunities on the horizon to support efficient fuel-switching to clean electricity.

Putting money back into Minnesota schools’ budgets

Public schools across Minnesota will be learning more about their energy use—and identifying new strategies for conservation and savings—thanks to a new law secured during the 2019 legislative session with leadership from Fresh Energy.