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Energy Efficiency

Cutting waste in our energy system and improving our communities with super-efficient, resilient homes and commercial buildings.

Cold weather and energy efficiency: what’s the connection?

The polar vortex has left our region, but as climate change accelerates, extreme weather in the Midwest will continue to occur. Could more efficient buildings help solve the clean energy equation?

Making multifamily housing more energy efficient: a win-win for building owners and renters

New success stories developed by Xcel, CenterPoint, and the Minnesota Department of Commerce show the benefits of a “one-stop” whole building approach to spur energy efficiency in multifamily buildings.

Light bulb pricing in the Twin Cities

Do households in the Twin Cities face disparities in access to purchasing efficient and affordable lighting options? Fresh Energy recently conducted a pilot study to find out.

Strategic electrification and revenue decoupling: different purpose, same goal

While strategic electrification and revenue decoupling seem to pull in different directions, they are complementary and necessary policies that drive towards a highly efficient decarbonized economy. Learn why.

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