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Energy Efficiency

Cutting waste in our energy system and improving our communities with super-efficient, resilient homes and commercial buildings.

Testimony - Margaret Cherne Hendrick - MPCA Rulemaking SF3496

2020 Legislative Session Wraps Up: What happened?

The 2020 Legislative Session has come to a close. Learn about the outcomes for clean energy in Minnesota and what the Fresh Energy team will be working on in a likely special session.

Legislative and Policy Goals Amidst COVID-19

With the end of session looming, the Minnesota Legislature has begun to hear consensus business, including some much needed clean energy initiatives.

Widely Supported Energy Efficiency Bill Gains Momentum

If passed, the ECO Act would be one of the most significant pieces of Minnesota energy legislation in years.

Energy Efficiency Offers Big Savings for Minnesota’s Nursing Homes

Nearly every town, city, and suburb in Minnesota has a senior care facility. These facilities have a unique dual role in their communities as home for many elders and as a major employer. This role, coupled with Minnesota’s aging population and high standard of eldercare, is why now is the time to set Minnesota’s nursing homes up for future success and sustainability.