Technology, innovation, and energy

A child born in Cairo, Egypt, Ramez Naam went on to become a leading expert on technology and innovation. On October 5, Ramez Naam will keynote Fresh Energy’s inaugural fundraising breakfast, bursting with insights that with the right policy framework, another wave of technology innovation just might be genius enough to maximize our chances of overcoming one of humankind’s most daunting and intractable problems: climate change and fossil fuel dependency.

The Human Face of Climate Change and Extreme Weather in the Developing World- Up Close and Personal

As Fresh Energy continues to lead the transition to clean energy in Minnesota, our Science Policy Director J. Drake Hamilton is in Paris for the global climate talks. Her latest update is that, after 11 days of intense negotiations, the talks – now less than 36 hours from their deadline – still have to resolve major issues. It appears that the substantive gulf between the positions of developed and developing countries has not narrowed enough.