Our “Top 13” Accomplishments of 2019

The accelerating pace of climate change demands swift, bold action and we are rising to the challenge. To close the books on 2019, we’ve assembled this list of highlights. Together we made change happen!

MISO’s 50 GW Gap!

Utility planners must look deep into the future as they plan, finance, and build 50-year assets. And yet, the future is uncertain. Though demand for clean energy is increasing daily, transmission capacity, which is key to integrating renewable energy into the grid, is already at it’s limit. And further, there is no plan for adding new capacity in our region.

The Schempps take on clean energy

The Schempps are a middle-class family of four, living in their cozy West Saint Paul home. Matthew and Stephanie, an online high school English teacher and an editor, respectively, bought their 1,600-foot bungalow two years ago. The couple lives with their children, Sebastian and Malcolm, plus their two cats, Taco and Josie. They love their tight-knit community nestled near a local coffee shop and the green Cherokee Park of the West Side.