Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: AG Ellison Hears from 350 Minnesotans

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J. Drake Hamilton, science policy director at Fresh Energy, met with Attorney General Keith Ellison outside the State Capitol for a socially distanced conversation about the lawsuit against climate polluters. She also hand-delivered a printed and bound version of the thank you messages in support of the lawsuit that more than 350 Minnesotans submitted through Fresh Energy’s website.

“AG Ellison is still as fired up now as he was when the initial announcement about the lawsuit went public on June 24,” said J. Drake Hamilton. “He also said that having the letters in-hand was exactly the kind of public feedback he needs to demonstrate that there is widespread support for climate polluter accountability in Minnesota.”

 If you’d like more details about the lawsuit, you can tune into the video recording of a webinar Fresh Energy co-hosted in July or find it on our podcast “Decarbonize: The Clean Energy Podcast” on your favorite podcasting app.