Governor Walz Announces ‘Clean Cars Minnesota’

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On September 25, 2019, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced Clean Cars Minnesota—adopting advanced clean car standards to significantly reduce climate change-causing pollution from Minnesota’s transportation sector.

Earlier this year, Governor Walz promised that “If Washington won’t lead, Minnesota will lead” on climate. Today’s announcement is evidence of that commitment in action.

Fresh Energy has been in a leadership role, publicly advocating for clean car standards to be adopted in Minnesota for more than a year. With the Trump Administration’s recently announced attacks on states’ authority to protect themselves from transportation pollution, the time is absolutely right for this bold action.

The governor’s announcement kicks off what is likely to be a lengthy rulemaking process that will be led by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Fresh Energy looks forward to fully engaging in this public process to provide our sound, science-based analysis and ensure the best possible outcome for Minnesota.

Fresh Energy Executive Director Michael Noble issued the following statement in response to the governor’s announcement:

“Fresh Energy commends Governor Walz’s bold action on climate. Everyone understands that we’re not talking about harm to future generations, but damages to our own children and the world they inherit from us. It is deeply unjust that the greatest harm is to those with the lowest incomes, who have had the least impact on the climate and the environment.

Minnesota’s Clean Car Standards are a bold step forward on the road to cleaner air for Minnesota communities and climate solutions for our planet. Washington isn’t leading, so now Minnesota must. Fresh Energy applauds Governor Walz and his administration for their climate leadership, and we look forward to a cleaner transportation future for all Minnesotans.”