Why the Midwest and North matter most

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Global climate change can feel overwhelming, but there is a lot we can and must do here in Minnesota and the Midwest to put us on the path to a healthy future.

If the Midwest was its own country, it would be the fifth largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. Fresh Energy is using policy change to tackle the root causes of our high emissions. We’re working to:

Get all of the coal and gas out of our electric supply. Wind, solar, and battery storage are highly affordable and reliable, and Minnesota is shifting to a zero-carbon electric grid. Fresh Energy is driving policy change to make it happen faster.

Move our fossil fuel-dependent transportation system onto clean electric-powered cars, trucks, buses, and other mobility options. Fresh Energy is making exciting progress in this area, helping Minnesota become the first “clean cars” state in the Midwest and moving ahead on electric buses and trucks.

End reliance on fossil gas for heating homes and powering industry. Combusting fossil fuels in our homes and communities unleashes powerful greenhouse gases and pollutants that harm our health. There are new technologies that will allow for clean electric heating, even in our cold climate. Fresh Energy is charting the policy pathway to make the transition.

The east and west coasts are moving faster on climate, but the U.S. can’t move forward without the Midwest. That’s why Fresh Energy’s work, and your support, are so important.