Working at Fresh Energy

Employees of Fresh Energy work in an organizational culture that supports cross-collaboration while respecting and valuing the work autonomy of all staff members, consultants, and collaborators. Our staff laughs often and celebrates our accomplishments small and large. In fact, a portion of our weekly all-staff meeting is dedicated to sharing unscripted recognition of team member achievements.

Fresh Energy is also dynamic, welcoming growth and evolution as our team expands. While there are many different personal interests and identities represented at Fresh Energy, we’re all constantly working together toward the same goal: a clean energy future in which all Minnesotans can thrive.

Staff Benefits

Employees of Fresh Energy foster a respectful, collaborative, and fun work environment. We host regular staff events and lunch and learns, and we are intentional in creating a relevant, inclusive, flexible hybrid workplace. In support of our cross-collaboration practice and our DEI commitment, we review our policies annually to seek alignment with the employee’s experience using the benefits.

Full-time Fresh Energy staff receive 24 days of Personal Time Off (PTO) (increases each year of employment) from day 1 of employment, as well as 15 paid holidays and a flexible, family-friendly schedule. Additionally, on Fridays the office closes at noon. We are committed to keeping your workload in alignment with true hours worked and respecting the space needed to take personal time to care for your wellbeing and your family members.

Employees of Fresh Energy receive up to 12 weeks of parental leave eligible on the first day of full-time employment. Fresh Energy will pay an eligible employee for the first six (6) weeks of leave with the rest of the leave being unpaid or being paid through the use of PTO. A full-time employee can utilize their bank of PTO to make up for the remaining 6 weeks of unpaid leave.

As an employee at Fresh Energy, you can also expect:

  • Medical and dental plans, additional voluntary vision, short- and long-term disability, life, and AD&D insurance
    • Fresh Energy contributes 50% toward staff health premium with dependents and 90% for single staff. For dental insurance, Fresh Energy pays 100% of an employee dental premium and contributes 50% for staff with dependents.
    • Cash contribution to employee’s FSA and HSA to promote health and wellness
  • A 5% of annual salary contribution to your 403(b)-retirement plan from day 1 of employment
  • An optional 1:1 matching contribution to your 403(b) up to 3% of eligible gross salary
  • A generous parental and family care leave for up to 12 weeks
  • A one-time work-from-home stipend of $300
  • A cell phone purchase allowance and an approved contribution to monthly phone fees

In addition, Fresh Energy incentivizes transit, biking, and walking, offering a dollar-for-dollar bus pass match, $1 for each trip to and from work by bike or foot, and an indoor bike storage area. Fresh Energy pays 50% of the day’s parking for full-time employees coming into the office for work, and the employee pays the remaining 50% of the daily parking fee on a pay-per-use basis. There is also a gym and showers available for Fresh Energy staff as part of being a tenant of the Historic Hamm Building.

Employees will also receive individual and joint professional workshops and trainings. Each employee is eligible for $1,000 per year to support professional development activities.

All employees are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. We update our in-person protocols to safeguard the health and safety for all employees.

Staff Committees

DEI Committee
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is dedicated to advancing Fresh Energy’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within and outside of the organization. All staff are welcome to participate, and for those who aren’t members of the committee, we have a DEI Buddy system to keep everyone involved in our activities. The committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m. to discuss and work on projects to further of our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Anti-Racism.

Examples of work spearheaded by the DEI Committee include our organizational use of pronouns, developing and conducting an annual internal staff demographics survey, and committing to an Equity Strategic Action Plan to review our own policies and practices. The DEI Committee also serves as a safer space for staff to have conversations with one another about social justice events happening in our local and global communities.

We recognize that there are many things happening outside the walls of Fresh Energy that impact each of us personally, professionally, and in community; this committee is one of our spaces dedicated to speaking about those things that we don’t always get to in the day-to-day work. All staff are encouraged to bring issues forward to the DEI Committee that help us all learn and deepen our commitments to justice, anti-racism, and climate action.

Well-being Committee
The Well-being Committee is dedicated to planning, promoting, and implementing inclusive opportunities for Fresh Energy staff to improve awareness of and boost overall well-being. We understand that well-being is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s why we’re committed to building a workplace culture at Fresh Energy that is supportive and inclusive of living a happier, healthier, and meaningful lifestyle for all. Whether it be improving or expanding physical and mental health, maintaining a positive balance between work and personal lives, or strengthening the connections between staff and the larger community, the Well-being Committee is here to shape and drive opportunities that facilitate staff growth and expansion as human beings.

Women, Trans, Femme (WTF) Group
The Women, Trans, Femme (WTF) Group provides a space for Fresh Energy staff to learn, discuss, and elevate issues of gender equity through an intersectional lens, especially as they relate to the workplace, climate, and energy. Started in 2020, the group meets monthly and is open to all Fresh Energy staff. Through internal engagement, the WTF Group aims to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for employees of all genders. Goals for the work of the WTF Group this year will focus on the themes of safety and security in the workplace and while working from home. We will evaluate how Fresh Energy can be a safer workplace for all people through trainings, crafting and reviewing internal policies, and identifying more ways to support one another.