Expanding access to a clean energy future

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As an entrepreneur with a commitment to community service and protecting our environment, Terry Troy believes that a clean energy future is necessary. “Supporting Fresh Energy was a natural fit. I give both personally and through my business because our missions are aligned. Fresh Energy has been essential in advocating for the legislation that has made our mission possible: to deliver solar electricity to rental properties.”

Terry has always been attracted to tackling “unsolvable problems” and turning them into opportunities. One such problem emerged when Minnesota passed the Community Solar Law in 2013: How would we give clean energy access to renters who’ve previously been unable to participate?

After working in real estate for over 40 years, Terry saw the potential for apartment landlords—a previously untapped solar market—to become solar garden customers. Terry jumped on this opportunity, and after a year of hard work aligning lenders, investors, lawyers, and Xcel Energy around the idea, he formed Minnesota Solar Connection with Joe Borkowski to build and administer community solar gardens. Now they are breaking ground on two gardens that will serve over 4,000 renters and their landlords.