Supporting Fresh Energy is a family priority

Bird Anderson and her family are fired up for the environment and have made a commitment to act. They first learned about Fresh Energy through a presentation given by our science policy director, J. Drake Hamilton more than ten years ago, and have remained dedicated donors ever since.

Bird’s family is all-in for a clean energy economy. “We need to play our part in effecting positive and impactful change beyond just swapping out light bulbs,” she said. “Supporting Fresh Energy with its economically smart policy initiatives meets that aim, and it has the reach that we cannot achieve as individuals.”

As Power Circle donors to Fresh Energy, the Anderson family lives out their family priority to positively impact our state’s transition to a clean energy economy. Bird and her husband Randy [a former Fresh Energy board member] did even more for the organization this year by becoming Benefit Breakfast table captains. They were delighted to introduce their many enthusiastic friends to Fresh Energy’s work. We thank them for their ongoing, generous support of Fresh Energy!