Powering our future with clean electricity

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Mark and Kate Hanson have been passionate Fresh Energy supporters and Power Circle donors since 2007. A few years ago, they set out on an adventure to build a net zero house.

Their home is so energy efficient that their rooftop solar produces enough power to meet all of their energy needs and charge two electric vehicles.

“A Native American proverb we love states, ‘We do not inherit
the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’ We support Fresh Energy because they pass policies that ensure children born today and in the future have better opportunities than we had, including cleaner air and water and the freedom to not worry about pollution. As a result of Fresh Energy’s leadership in supporting strong building code policies, our net zero house has greatly improved our standard of living and comfort, while costing the same as our previous house.” – Mark and Kate Hanson

Fresh Energy is working on policy solutions that will advance clean energy and help more buildings in our communities become like the Hanson house. Thank you, Mark and Kate, for being generous Power Circle donors, and for paving the way to an all-electric future!