Meet Benefit Breakfast Speaker: Rhiana Gunn-Wright

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Fresh Energy’s October 2 Benefit Breakfast is just over a month away and we’re thrilled to invite two nationally acclaimed experts to the RiverCentre. Our featured speakers, Rhiana Gunn-Wright and Jigar Shah, will be walking through the role of capital markets and the government to enact sweeping progress on the greatest challenge of our time: climate change.

A Rhodes Scholar and graduate of Yale University, Rhiana Gunn-Wright is no stranger to ambitious policymaking. She previously worked for former First Lady Michelle Obama, the Detroit Health Department, and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Now she is leading from Washington D.C. as one of the lead architects behind the federal Green New Deal.

Gunn-Wright is fired up to make the transition to clean energy happen and is hopeful about the future. She believes federal action could “tackle what we define as the twin crises of income inequity and climate change at once.” Check out her full interview with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and a special podcast on The Electorette on what she believes it will take.

Don’t miss Gunn-Wright as she addresses our audience alongside Jigar Shah on October 2. You won’t want to miss it! Register now.