J. Drake Hamilton wins prestigious Environmental Initiative award

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Fresh Energy is pleased to formally share that our science policy director, J. Drake Hamilton has won the Environment Initiative Critical Collaborator award for 2019. Environmental Initiative is a nonprofit organization that works across sectors with business, nonprofit and government leaders to develop collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental challenges. The Environmental Initiative Awards celebrates that spirit of collaboration.

J. was nominated for this leadership award by a large consensus of supporters at Xcel Energy, led by the manager of environmental policy, Nicholas Martin. The Critical Collaborator Award recognizes an individual who has dedicated their career to solving environmental problems through partnership. The Xcel Energy team chose to nominate J. for her strong commitment to science and data-driven solutions, as well as her ability to communicate complex messages simply and effectively in a way that moves her audience.

“She is a skilled communicator, able to deliver a powerful message that clearly comes from both head and heart – whether speaking in a small meeting, to a large audience, at a global climate summit, to policymakers, or to the media,” Xcel shared in their nomination. “While she can be a formidable adversary at the legislature or in a Public Utilities Commission proceeding, she clearly prefers collaboration. J. is particularly skilled at finding areas of agreement on clean energy policy and then leading her colleagues to design effective solutions around them.”

J.’s husband, Patrick Hamilton, will be present at award ceremony to accept this honor on her behalf.

J. continues to make remarkable progress following her injury in February. Hundreds of you have rallied behind her with positive messages and words of encouragement. Many of you have also reached out to ask about making a contribution to Fresh Energy in her honor. We can’t express how deeply humbled we are to have such a wide circle of supporters championing our—and J.’s—work. Thank you, Environmental Initiative, for recognizing J. with this special award.