J. Drake Hamilton meets President Obama in the White House

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PPresident says the Clean Power Plan resulted from tireless efforts of leaders like yourself

President Barack Obama on August 3 formally released the long-awaited Clean Power Plan that will limit carbon pollution from U.S. power plants, by far the largest cause of global warming. The Clean Power Plan would cut emissions 32 percent by 2030, from 2005 levels, mostly by creating disincentives to burn coal to generate electricity and creating incentives to replace coal with renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The President invited Fresh Energy’s science policy director, J. Drake Hamilton, to join him at a small group meeting in the White House prior to his historic announcement of the single greatest step the United States has taken thus far to combat climate change. J. was thrilled to participate as one of only two Minnesotans – the other being Xcel Energy CEO Ben Fowke.

President Obama told J.’s group, “the Clean Power Plan could not have been completed without the tireless efforts of leaders, advocates, and experts like yourself. As a result of your hard work, we will be able to protect our nation’s health while continuing to grow a vibrant clean energy economy.”

The announcement was immediately met with positive statements from utilities in Minnesota ready to meet the Clean Power Plan targets including Xcel Energy, Great River Energy, and Minnesota Power.

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