Fresh Energy statement on Great River Energy’s commitment to becoming 50 percent renewable by 2030

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Today, Great River Energy (GRE) announced a commitment to being 50 percent renewable by 2030. As Minnesota’s largest Generation and Transmission Cooperative Utility, GRE provides electric utility service to geographic majority of the state. Fresh Energy executive director Michael Noble released the following statement in response.

“This commitment signals a meaningful leadership position among America’s generation and transmission (G&T) electric cooperatives,” Noble said.

Fresh Energy also wishes to highlight GRE President and CEO David Saggau who said today that ‘‘Our mission is to electrify the economy’ calling it a “grand bargain” with members, “as we clean up our portfolio, [they] will use more of our product.”

“This can have very significant benefits for rural electric cooperative members,” Noble added. “They can save money, while moving to renewable electricity for cars, school buses, water heating, home and commercial building heat, and industrial processes.”