Fresh Energy Statement: Climate investments address key issue of our time

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Within the past 24 hours, ambitious climate investment proposals have been presented by both the Walz Administration and the Minnesota House. Fresh Energy applauds Minnesota’s leaders for putting forth meaningful proposals for crucial investments in climate solutions that will improve the lives of all Minnesotans. 

“The climate emergency is the key issue of our time and it’s heartening to see Minnesota’s leaders working together to identify ways we can invest in climate resilience and innovation in all corners of the state,” said Michael Noble, executive director of Fresh Energy. “The next 10 years will be the most critical for our climate future and investments such as these are a definite step in the right direction. 

The bonding proposal from the Walz Administration includes $943 million in investments for climate and environmental stewardship, including funding that will help our state prevent and adapt to our changing weather extremes and environments, in addition to investments in EV charging infrastructure, bus rapid transit, and more.  

The Minnesota House Climate Caucus budget proposal includes $1 billion for investments in clean energy, transportation including bus rapid transit and greater Minnesota transit lines, electric school buses, EV rebates and infrastructure, and more. In addition, the House’s proposal includes significant investments in our built environment with line items for weatherization, school building efficiency, workforce development, and more. 

With the start of Minnesota’s legislative session on January 31, it’s exciting to see two powerful plans already on the table to help the legislature hit the ground running.