2018 – 2019 Donors

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Thank you to our generous donors for partnering with Fresh Energy to make our work possible. Below, we recognize those who contributed to Fresh Energy’s work between February 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019.

Fresh Energy’s Power Circles recognize the leading individuals, businesses, and organizational members who make generous unrestricted contributions of $1,000 and above each fiscal year.

Newton Circle
$10,000 or more

Accredited Investors Wealth Management®, An Anonymous Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Anonymous, Atomic Data, Avangrid Renewables, Ted and Karen Contag, Design Forty Five, Mark and Kate Hanson, Lang Family Foundation, John Larsen and Mike Stewart, Ross and Bridget Levin, Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Mortenson, Rahr Corporation, Federico and Nassim Rossi, The David Winton Bell Foundation, The John Larsen Foundation, Kate Wolford and Ed Reilly

Curie Circle
$5,000 – $9,999

An Anonymous Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Mike and Sharon Conley, Conley Family Foundation Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Gary and Ammie Gronert, Leuthold Family Foundation, Minnesota Solar Connection, NRG Energy, Ryan Companies, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Matching Gifts, Paul White, Mary Woollen and Clark Heindl

Edison Circle
$2,000 – $4,999

56 Brewing, Donna W. Allan and Bill Mahlum, Michael Allen, Randy and Bird Anderson, Anonymous (2), John Berns, The Culp Family Foundation, Christine and Loren Danielson, Davies-Sommer Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Alan and Lollie Eidsness, Becky Erdahl, Mike and Deb Frodl, IPS Solar, Nancy Johnson and Paul Anton, The Van Steenburgh/Ladner Family Fund, Lenfestey Family Foundation, The Lilja Family Foundation, Cotty Lowry and Laurie Jacobi, Jennifer Melin Miller and David Miller, Jan and Rick Neville, Peter and Anne Reich, Amber Rudell, Don Shelby, Stoel Rives LLP, The Longview Foundation, The Jeffrey and Mary Werbalowsky Philanthropic Fund 2 of the Jewish Community Foundation of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, Medora Woods

Tesla Circle
$1,000 – $1,999

Philip and Kathy Adam, Adventure North MN, Jim and Ellen Altman, David Amster-Olszewski, Anonymous (2), Apex Clean Energy, Lane Ayres and Marion McNurlen, The Doug and Lisa Bechtold Family Fund, Dick and Cathy Bernard, Matthew Bertolatus, Jim and Sharon Bertrand, Best Buy, Eric Blank and Nancy Printz, Boulay, PLLP, Stephanie and Craig Bowron, Third Level Design, Paul and Shannon Burke Donor Advised Fund, David J. Chizek, Merritt Clapp-Smith and Craig Smith, Christopher B. Clark, Clearway Energy, Steve and Christine Clemens, Colonnade Group – Thrivent Financial, Josh Colton, Jay and Page Cowles, David and Kitty Crosby, Charles Dayton and Sara Evans, RJ and Teresa Devick Charitable Fund, Joe DeVito and Holly Kuznia, John and Susan Dunlop, Christopher Ennis, Laura and Cody Fleischfresser, Peter L. Gove, Ross and Monique Hammond, Roberta Rott and Larry Hanke, Karen and Ken Hannah, Mark and Kate Hanson, Hayden Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Matching Gifts, Kathleen Jones, Dennis Kim, Alexandra Klass, Jamal Knight, Gary Konkol, Jukka and Susanne Kukkonen, The Egan Lawless Family Fund, Philip and Madeleine Lowry, Ann Manning, Mike Menzel and Kathy Iverson, Lucy and Bob Mitchell-The Longview Foundation, Morrow-Pippin Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Charles and Candice Nadler, Chad Nelson, Jane Newman and Amy Lange, Michael and Patsy Noble, Chris O’Brien, Partinson Giving Account, Helen Paul and Steve Arnold, Phil and Karin Peterson, Kavitha Sitaram and Raj V. Rajan, Debra L Rappaport Fund for Shleymut (Wholeness), Gary and Susan Rappaport, Melissa Rappaport Schifman and James Schifman, Kristin Rasmussen, Todd Reubold and Veronika Torarp, The David Robinson and Janet Ekern Fund, Don Salisbury, Matt Samuel, Deborah Schlichting and Charles Blomme, Raymond F. Schmitz, Gary and Mary Ann Schokmiller, Tim Seck, Kenneth and Julie Smith, Bruce D. Snyder MD, SolarStone Partners, LLC, Nancy Gibson and Ron Sternal, Wendy and John Strachota, The Summitt Foundation, Louis and Barb Turner, The Tuttle Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation, Jack Uldrich, UnitedHealth Group Matching Gifts, James P. Uttley, Peter and Kimberly Walsh, Wenz Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Rob and Susan White


2032 Trust, Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation, Anonymous (3), Argosy Foundation, Askov Finlayson, Aveda, Barr Foundation, Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Family Fund, Carolyn Foundation, Community Energy, Inc., Cypress Creek Renewables, Elevate Energy, Energy Foundation, ENGIE Distributed Solar, Electric Power Research Institute, Ernst Conservation Seeds, George Gund Foundation, Great Plains Institute, Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation, L’Oreal – IT Cosmetics, Marbrook Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Meadville Land Service, Inc., Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Olseth Family Foundation, Pine Gate Renewables, Prairie Restorations, Inc., Rockefeller Family Fund, Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, The Burt’s Bees Greater Good Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, Fund for Nonprofit News at The Miami Foundation, The Oak Hill Fund, Uponor North America, US Solar, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc., Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

Fresh Sustainer’s give a scheduled monthly, quarterly, or annual gift to Fresh Energy, providing a dependable source of support to speed the transition to a clean energy economy.

Richard and Sharon Aadalen, Karen R. Achberger, Stuart Ackman, Sandy Ahlstrom, Nancy Andrews, Gene and Lois Bakko, K Bancroft, Eric and Lisa Berglund, Brad and Julie Blue, Ralph and Mary Brindle, Stephen C Brown, Richard Condon, Brian Coyle, Elizabeth D. and Thomas D. Dodder, Jo Friedman, Ellen Fuge, Dale and Linda Lutz, Cheryl Anderson, Michael Huber, Anonymous, Kyle R. Crocker, Don and Jean Dahlstrom, Rob and Liza Davis, John and Susan Dunlop, John Dyer, Steve and Judy Elkins, Lannell Farmer, Laura and Cody Fleischfresser, Katie and Rick Fournier, Laurel Gamm and Charles Stephens, Allen and Andrea Gleckner, Christine Gleckner, William and Marlene Haider, Lani Hanson, Anthony Hunter, Susan Jacobsen, Lucinda Johnson, Steven Jorissen, Daniel Katzenberger, Kathy Koch, John and Barbara Krenn, Amelia Kroeger, Brad Larson and Jennifer Johnson, Richard Larson, James Loewen, Jean and Arnold London, David Marvosh, Lotti Matkovits, Donald McClure, Bob and Mary Moncur, Mary Jo and Mark Nissen, Lori Olinger, Steve and Shelley Orr, Ellen Palmer and Scott Alsleben, Brian PaStarr, Steve & Karyn Paulman, Erik and Melanie Peterson-Nafziger, Lela Porter, Matt and Rochelle Privratsky, Scott Privratsky, Marvin Rothfusz, Mary E. Savina, Jennifer Schmitt, Robert Secor, Gregg Severson, Darren and Sonja Sharp, Maria Surma Manka and Joram Manka, Dennis L. Thompson, Sam and Megan Villella, Dolores Voorhees, Beth Waterhouse, Jered Weber, Bill and Cathy Weller, Jason Willett, Shawn Willy, Medora Woods

$500 – $999

Mary Anderson, Nancy Andrews, Peter H. Bachman and Janet Rice Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Eric and Maria Bavier, Lee Mitau and Karin Birkeland, Brad and Julie Blue, Jeff and Erica Broberg, Terrance Brueck, Greg and Lisa Buck Charitable Fund, Connexus Energy, Robert Cutshall, Rob and Liza Davis, Eric and Benita Dieperink, Paul Douglas, Bruce Ensrud, Greg Frankenfield, Laurel Gamm and Charles Stephens, Nicholas and Sarah Garbis, GE Foundation Matching Gifts, Mark Ginsbach, Great River Energy, John and Patricia Gries, Julie Bunn and Marlon Gunderson, Jessica Hellmann, Paul Hoff, Anthony Hunter, John and Thelma James, Sarah Johnson Phillips, Will and Claudia Kaul, Andrew Kes, Peter Kumasaka, Jeffrey Lassig, David Leppik and Jordan Wood, Larry Mahoney, Jennifer L. Martin, Ron and Jacqui Mason, Sean McCauley, Peter Melchert, Micron Technology Matching Gifts, Trent Mostaert, Tom Mueller and Art Punyko, Robert Nevitt and Donna Portner, The Richard and Joan Newmark Fund, The Michael and Jane Nilan Fund, Mary Jo and Mark Nissen, Dick and Judy Ottman, Christopher Paola, Steve & Karyn Paulman, Garry George and Beth Pearlman, Eva Pesch, Steve Polasky, Elizabeth Porter, Ann Marie Possis Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Quirsfeld Campbell Family Foundation, The Schmidt Family Fund, Gerald Seck, Doug Shoemaker and Pat Schoenecker, Venkatesh Srinivas, Boriana Strzok, Kaimay and Joseph Terry M.D., Michael Texler, Mary T’Kach, Harry and Belle Yaffe Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

$250 – $499

Mark Ahlstrom and Debra DeBruin, Barbara Allan, Bill Elwood and Betsy Allis, Frank Altman, Allan Amis, An Anonymous Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation, Matthew and Kirsten Anderson, Anonymous (4), Courtney Barancin, Melissa Mae Brown, Linda Bruemmer, CQB Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Cargill Matching Gifts, Mark V. Chapin, CliftonLarsonAllen, Anonymous, Kennedy and Bronwyn Cole, Stewart and Lesley Crosby, Chad Dayton, Kathy and Gary Denault, Devine Family Giving Fund, Brandon Due and Leigh Jirges, Rick Duncan and Beth Goodpaster, Holly Einess, Betsy Engelking, Hope Esparolini, Elizabeth Fallon, Ethan Fawley and Lesley Schack, Don Ferber, Richard and Carol Flint, Barbara Freese, Frank and Gilbert Family Fund, Laura Halferty, Martha Harris and Bradley Nagel, Tom Hatch, Tim Hebrink, John Heer and Jody Copp, Beverly Jones Heydinger, John F. Hick, Judy and Alan Hoffman, Paul and Linda Holt, Slade Kemmet and Kathryn Harrington, Joanne Kendall, David Knoblauch and Suzie Woodrich, Larry and Cynthia Koehler, Larry Kraft, John and Barbara Krenn, Diane and William Krueger, Steven and Jenifer Leitch, Erik Lindseth, John and Mary Ann Lundquist, Mahoney Ulbrich Christiansen & Russ PA Matching Gifts, James Manolis and Emily Green, Donald McClure, Maureen McGuire and Viet Le, Medtronic Matching Gifts, Minnesota Farmers Union, Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association, Minnesota Women’s Economic Roundtable, Chris Mongeon, Caryl Nelson, Lentz/Nixon Blue Sky Charitable Giving Fund, Ellen Palmer and Scott Alsleben, Richard and Donna Peterson, Doug Petty, Lela Porter, Shailendra Prasad, Matt and Rochelle Privratsky, Scott Privratsky, Leo and Erin Rapallini, Lucy Rogers and Larry Grant, Susan Rosenthal, Robert Secor, Jordan Skelcher and Michael Brookens, Thomas Asp, Nell and Chris Smith, Catherine Spengler, Miro Sutton, Andrew Tate, The Crosswols Foundation, Dennis L. Thompson, Mike and Jessica Tobin, John and Sally Turrittin, Nancy Tyra-Lukens, Sam and Megan Villella, Ann and Karl Vohs, Megan Voorhees and Adam Blons, Paul and Janelle Wegner, Jason Willett, Steve Wilson and Mary Shedd, Carol Witte and Winston Cavert, Lynelle Wood, Howard Zechmeister

$100 – $249

Mark Abner and Gabrielle Horner, Stuart Ackman, Mary Adair and Gerald Jorgenson, Richard Adair, Advance Consulting LLC, Tarek and Julie Alkatout, Stacy Allan, Lynn Anderson, Tom Anderson and Nancy Conger, Donna Anderson, Marna Anderson, Sigurd and Shannon Anderson, Carol Andrews, Anonymous (13), Tom Arneson, Lynn Arnsdorf, Louis Asher and Lisa Wersal, David Astin, Paul Austin, Rodney Baakkonen, Jan M. Baker, K Bancroft, Bare Honey, Art Bartels, Derek and Sarah Barto, Imogene Bass, Sheila Bayle and Glen Olson, Douglas Mensing and Ashley Beasley, Jim and Marsha Benshoof, Sara Bergan, Brent and Raina Bergland, Eric and Lisa Berglund, Bill Berneking, Erik Bigelow, Ginny Black, Jeff Blodgett, Amanda Bohnenblust, Jamie Borell, Boston Scientific Matching Gifts, Jim and Ruth Bowyer, Ken Bradley, Michele Braley and Nils Dybvig, Anthony and Carolyn Bramante, Benjamin Bratrud, Ralph and Mary Brindle, Tom and Mary Florence Brink, Tom Brinkman, Joanne Broady, Charley and Shelby Bruce, Jim Brummer, Joseph and Carol Burke, Patricia Cahoon, Candace Campbell, Evan Carlson, Center for Purposeful Leadership, Thomas Champion, Gabriel Chan, Hugh Cherne, Margaret and Ashlee Cherne-Hendrick, Kathleen and Steven Chesney, Sarah and Whitney Clark, Jerry Cleveland, Julie Close, Erika Clyma, Robert and Diane Coderre, Ann Cohen, Richard Condon, Chris Conry, Stacy Cook, Chandra Coughlin, Brian Coyle, Devon Cupery, Leigh Currie, John Curry, Dee Czech, Don and Jean Dahlstrom, Joe Dammel, Jean and Mark Davis, Joshua Davis, Gary and Connie Degrote, Richard DeMarchis, Lee and Vicki Dilley, Brendan Dillon, Bridget Dockter, Alan Norton and Kathleen Doran-Norton, Perry Dotson, Amy and Justin Dritz, Anita S. Duckor, Jim Dustrude, Julia Eagles, Earthtech Energy, Robert Ed, Erik Ekstrom, Dan Elenbaas, Steve and Judy Elkins, Kate Ellis and Patrick Smith, Sarah Emery and Amy Elverum, Daniel Enderton, Ken and Carol Engelhart, Mary K. Engelun, Eric L Engh, Greg Erickson, Tannie and Walter Eshenaur, Louellen Essex, Jon Evans, Virginia Evans, Les Everett, Justin Fay, Margaret A. Finlayson, Dean A. Flugstad, Mari Forbush, Katie and Rick Fournier, Sally Fraki, Carol Freeman, Timothy Fremouw, Stephen and Monica Frytak, Tanya Gajewska, Kathleen Gavin and Philip Bither, Jan Gerstenberger, Gita Ghei, Bill Gilmyers, Allen and Andrea Gleckner, Christine Gleckner, Lynn Glesne, Dan Gold and Alexis Broome, Sandra Goodyear, Don and Gerry Grant, John and Janet Green, John Grinager, Michele Guala, Bob Gubrud, William and Marlene Haider, Jennifer Hains, Peggy Hall, Bree Halverson, Bryce Hamilton, Patrick and J. Drake Hamilton, Laura Hannah and Julian White, Eric Hanson, Nancy M. Hanson, Virginia Hanson, Dr. Mary Harlow, Shawn Hartfeldt, Jeff Hassing, Leo Timmons and Kate Havelin, Kim W. Havey, Jeff Hawthorne, Connie Hayden, Jeff Haydock, Hedeen Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust, Cheryl A. Thomas and Roger W. Heegaard, Nancy Read Hendricks, Melina Weir and Charlie Henrikson, Stuart and Wendy Henry, Larry Herke, Steve Herman, Lynn Hinkle, Neil and Mary Hodges, Kathryn Hoffman, Kathy Hollander and Rodney Johnson, Colleen Hollinger, Melissa and Mark Hortman, Seth and Nancy Hoyt, David Hozza, Carrie Hund, Dylan Huschka, Adam Iliff, Monica and Rex Ingram, Dana Jackson, Deborah Jacobs, Ralph Jacobson, Sally Jacquemin, Terry Jaffoni, Karen A. Jeffords-Brown, Joan Jemison, Lucinda Johnson, Jacqueline Johnson, Ron Johnson, Charlotte and Ward Johnson, Kyle Johnson, Margit and Eric Johnson, Drs. Cathy Jordan and Fred Dulles, Steven Jorissen, Janet and Ken Joslyn, Jeremy Kalin and Hope Frisch Kalin, Shana Kaplow and Stephen Mitrione, Michael and Theresa Karels, Jack Kattner, John Kearney, Jake Keeler, Kathleen A Kelley, Debbie Kereluk, Phyllis and Don Kerr, Hwa Jeong Kim, Hudson Kingston, Madeleine Klein, Karen Kleinhans, Robert and Kathleen Klukas, John Knapp, Paul Knapp, Kate and Sam Knuth, Sharon Knuth, Kathy Koch, T.E. Koehler, Katharine Kollins, Rao Konidena, Peggy Korsmo-Kennon, Subramanian Krishnan, Amelia Kroeger, Ron Kroese and Kimberly Colburn, Sharon and Wayne Kutter, Peggy Kvam, Therese LaCanne, Steve Lader, Jennifer LaForgia, Holly Lahd Larson, Larry Lark, Meggie LaValley, Hans and Janette Law, Brian and Lee Leines, Peter and Pam Leschak, Sara Lynn Newberger and Barbie Levine, D.C. Lilja, Mark Lindquist and Kristi Schlangen Lindquist, Joe Lofgren, Jean and Arnold London, Dee A Long, Jamie Long, Gene Louie, Alexis Ludwig-Vogen, Paul Lukens and Nancy Hoeft, Steve MacAusland, Lisa Machado, Robert Mackie, Will and Melissa MacPhail, Maggie Madden, Liz Maddy, Mike and Marta Maddy, Marcus and Regina Magnuson, Thomas Mahlum, William Mahlum Jr. and Kelly Jones, Rylee Main, Mankato Area Environmentalists, Carol Marham-Cousins, Robert Martine, Michelle Matthews, Mark McGough, Barbara McIlquham, Mary McKelvey, Jeannie McKinney, Brian McNitt, Tom and Aggie Meium, Matthew Melewski, Mike Menzel, Michigan Climate Action Network, Stacy Miller, Jan Mitchell, Bob and Mary Moncur, Marilyn Morem, John Morrow, Philipp Muessig, Norm and Marilyn Munk , Gwen and Mason Myers, Robert and Carolyn Nechal, Bruce Nelson and Barbara Watts, Carl Nelson, Jack and Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer, Brian and Julia Frost Nerbonne, Christina Nichols and Dianne Russell, Mary Nichols, Jean M. Noble, Rich and Raymonde Noer, Rolf Nordstrom, Kim Norton, Luanne Nyberg, Chris Nye, Lori Olinger, Connor O’Meara, Leigh and Al Onkka, Gabe Ormsby, Steve and Shelley Orr, Kath Ouska, Jeff Oxley, Nancy Palmer and Michael Hopps, Bharat Parekh, Eric and Dana Pasi, Brian PaStarr, Molly Pederson, Annie Perkins, Jerry Perron, Debra Perry and Lou Riebe, Cheryl Persigehl and Jonathan Flak, Ben Peterson, Kent Peterson, Scott R. Peterson, Doug and Deb Pierce, Pdon Pinkham, Mike Piper, Andy and Cheryl Polzin, Noelyn and Truman Porter, Judi Poulson, Cindy Pratt, Riv-Ellen Prell and Steven Foldes, Mark Privratsky, Tammie Ptacek, Ben Rabe and Annie Fedorowicz, Mary and Benjamin Rae, Vittorio Raimondi, Dave Rapaport and Jeanne Kirby, Roger Ratajczak, Molly Redmond and Steve Ring, The Reuther/Tyrell Hope Fund of InFaith Community Foundation, Janelle Rieland, Samuel A. Rockwell, Les Rogers, Daniel Rogers, Gene D. and Judith S. Rose, Stephen Rose, Gregory T. Rotter, Robert and Lynn Rudell, Lisa Rudolph, Sandy and Jim Rummel, Virginia Rutter, Christi Saari, Mary Sands, Mary E. Savina, Romaine Scharlemann, Lola Schoenrich and Peter Oppenheim, Rebecca and Louis Schwartzkopf, Christopher and Annette Scotti, Steve Seidl, Chad Selmecki and Nan Madden, Gregg Severson, Tim Sexton, Darren and Sonja Sharp, Bob Shepard, Timothy Sielaff and Paula Sell, Dylan Sievers, Jeff Sievers, Dana Slade, Sean P. Smith and Ryanne Overom, Kristina Smitten, Nan and Gerry Snyder, James Southwick and Joan Sundquist, Heather Stafford, Andy Stahlman, Jim and Mary Stahlmann , Jeff Standish, Sky Stanfield, Jim and Jane Stegner, Kjell and Melissa Stenberg, Christiana Stolpestad, Scott Strand, Jeff and Leanne Stremcha, Patti Tetta and Bob Striker, Richard Strong, Bruno Stumpf, Joe Sullivan, Maria Surma Manka and Joram Manka, Linnea and Jon Swenson Tellekson, Brion Szwed, Kaya Tarhan, The C Three Group, Sheryl Theuninck, Warren Thompson and Lisa Kirkland, Thomson Reuters Matching Gifts, Susan Thornton, Thrivent Choice, Michael Troutman and Amy Blumenshine, Daniel Utoft, Thomas Valois, Vantage Law Group, Nicolle VanWie, Andrea Vaubel, Gigi and Carolyn Veglia, Gia Vitali, Dolores Voorhees, Clif and Bettye Ware, Lucia Watson, Andrew Wattenhofer, Jered Weber, Bill and Cathy Weller, Wernke Gift Fund, Matt and Sara Wessale, Richard and Sandra Westby, Laurel Wills and Alex Eastaugh, David Winkelman, Sara Wolff, Leslie Yoder, Ian Ziese, Dawn Zugay and Tony Mendoza

UP TO $99

Richard and Sharon Aadalen, Ross and Jennifer Abbey, Kirk and Kathleen Abbey, Karen R. Achberger, Deepak and Pamela Advani, Danny Aerts, Sandy Ahlstrom, Alice Altman, Mike Anders, Jody Anderson, Norma Anderson, Anonymous (35), Shan Arora, Gene and Lois Bakko, Larry Bemm, Joni and Patrick Bennett, Peter Berglund, Jim and Cheryl Bernstein, Arlene Birt, August Bleske, Marv and Judi Boike, George Boody and Ann Risch, Brian Bowen, Thomas Braun, Robert and Marcia Brinkley, Marilyn Broding, Char Brooker, Stephen C Brown, Janet and Mike Brown, Marion Brown, Robert and Janet Bruce, Christine Burda, Laurie Bushbaum and Michael Altmann, Anthony Caccomo, Drew R. Campbell, Renee Cardarelle, Douglas Carlson, Richard Carter, Brett Cease, Clarence Chaplin, Julian Chatterton, Thomas Christiansen, Laura Cina, Catherine Clark, Daniel Clarkin, Virginia Coller, Gregory Collins and Kim Kleinschmidt, Cornerstone Environmental Group, a Tetra Tech company, Maria Costello, Angelina Courtney, Mike and Becky Creglow, Kyle R. Crocker, Daniel Cross, Sue A. Cross, Fran Crotty, Diana Csank, Joy and Mervyn Curran, Bill Cutler, Jill Dalton, Gail Daneker, Paul Debevec, John Deering, William and Lorraine Delehanty, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International – Beta Beta Chapter, Cahrene and Dan Dimick, Martha Dorow, Trudy Dunham, George Dunn and Donna Harris, Joshua Durst, Laura Duscher, John Dyer, Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Juliana Elchert and Dan Hollenhorst, R. Neal Elliott III, Sabine Engel, Terri Erickson, Dan and Jane Fark, Lannell Farmer, Kent Farrington, Jim Fasching, Scott Firman, Lindsey Forsberg and Mike Vangel, Joe Foss and Lien Tran, Dutton and Caroline Foster, Ron Fraboni, Amy Fredregill, Barbara Frey and Howard Orenstein, Kent Fritz-Smead, Anthony Fryer, Furshong and Petrich Family, Gerry G., S. Garbutt, Jose Garza, Laurie and Scott Gauer, Scott and Sheri Gedlinske, General Mills Matching Gifts, Lee George, Ray Goebel, Brandon Graffunder, Richard Grant, Dorian and Margie Grilley, Sharon Grimes, Heidi Grinde, Kevin Grotheim, Melissa Driscoll and Jay Hambidge, Mary Sue Hannan, Lani Hanson, Paul Harle, Peter Harris, Chuck Hartell Realty, Margaret Hasse and David Grothe, Edward Hasselman, Matthew Hassler, Cynthia Hatfield, Dan Haugen, Andrew Heairet, Will Heegaard, Tom and Mary Heller, Mary Hennies, Nordis Heyerdahl, Hank and Marjorie Heystek, Joel Hodroff, Thomas and Vicki Holm, Karin Holt, Kristi Papenfuss and Joshua Houdek, Brad Howard, Sandy and Steve Hunt, Pat Huseby, Benjamin Ihde, Ken Iosso, Laura Irwin-Schack, Susan Jacobsen, Mitra Jalali Nelson, Amy and Lars Jenkins, Melina Jerve, Timothy Johnson, Anna Johnson, Clifford and Betty Johnson, Sherry Johnson, Brendan Jordan, Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick, Frank Bures and Bridgit Jordan, Phyllis Kahn, John Kaplan, Daniel Katzenberger, Barbara Kaufman, Scott Keely, Nethercut/Kemp Giving Fund, Jay Kemp, Anne Kimber, John King and Ruth Wingeier, Wendy Klager, Steffi Klawiter, Harris Kleyman, Drew Klinkert, Harriet and Daniel Kohen, K.M. Kowalski, Lynn Krafve, Lawrence Krantz and Diane Pittman, Lauri Krouse, Nicholas Krueger, Laurie Kundrat, Panagiota Kyriakou, Bruce Labno, Betty Lamb, Jeanne Landkamer, Lee Ann Landstrom, Todd Lane, Brad Larson and Jennifer Johnson, Richard Larson, Merwyn and Joyce Larson, Marcus Larson, Chuck Laszewski, Tracy Leavenworth, Adina Lebowitz, Jeanne and Thomas LeFevere, Lauren Leith, Duane Lengsfeld and Evelyn Kaiser, Annie Levenson-Falk, Margaret Levin, Stephanie and Jimmy Levine, Clare Lindahl, Bill and Lu Lindstrom, Chad Little, James Loewen, Caley Long, Carla J. Long, Dian Lopez, Jim Lovestar, Leslie MacKenzie and Peter Foster, Tim and Dianne Madsen, Thomas and Sandra Mallon, Christina M. Manning, Jim Marchetti, Lynne and Howard Markus, Nicholas Martin, James Martin-Schramm, David Marvosh, Dennis Mashuga and Carol Atchley-Mashuga, Carol and Kenneth Masters, Lotti Matkovits, Kerry and Nora McGrain, Susan McKane, Robert McKlveen and Ellen Jones, Tomi and Daniel McLellan, Garrison McMurtrey, Tim Meester, Jack Meinzenbach, ML Menikheim, Keith Mensah, Zdenek Mestenhauser and Julie Nester, Microsoft Matching Gifts, Christopher Miller, Mindy Miner, Paul and Karine Moe, Eileen Moran, Laetitia Moreau, Camille Morse Nicholson, Paul Moss, Evan Mulholland, Diane Mundt, Christy and Gordon Myers, Kathryn Nelson Hund, Laura Nereng, Cecelia Newton, Jim Nichols, Carolyn Niesen, Terry Olsen, Patricia A. Olson, Calley O’Neil, Marion Padilla, Joseph F. Palen, Ben and Hailey Passer, JoAnn and Eric Pasternack, Ken and Siobhann Paulman, Zach Paulson, Herb Pearlman, Kate Poole and Ken Pearson, Shirley and Rich Peter, Kathryn Peterson, E. Eugene and June Peterson, Erik and Melanie Peterson-Nafziger, Paul Zorn and Janet Petri, William Pickard, Linda Platt, Leigh Pomeroy, Tom Porter, Kevin Porter, Krista Porvaznik, Pat and Greg Pratt, Sue and Greg Rasmussen, Elizabeth Raymond, Tom Reed, Mary Rehwaldt, Ken and Sandra Reine, Jeanne Reistad, Lance Reschke, John Richter, Channing Riggs, The Rittler Family, Jo Anne Rohricht, Nicole Rom, Dagmar Romano, Robert Roos, Kris and Stephen Rose, Robert Rosenbrook, Robert Rossi, Marvin Rothfusz, Kathryn Rozin, Greg Ruhland, Carole Rust, Tom Sadowski Photography, Allen J. Sames, Kyle Saukas, Jim Scheidt and Peggy Larson, Daniel P. Schibel, James Martin and Karen Schik, Judi and Don Schleicher, Anthony Schmidt, Jennifer Schmitt, Kay Lara Schoenwetter, Paul Schollmeier and Chris Meyer, Sue and Kevin Schreurs, Jeff and Rosemary Schwedes, Jan Scofield, Seiche, Kathleen and David Sekhon, William Seuffert, Patrick Shea, Robert Sherman, Christine Shyne, William Sierks and Mamie Segall, Thomas Simchak, Bryan Simmons, Jonathan Simmons, Peter Skjervold and Loretta Menke, Halston Sleets, Julie Smendzuik-O’Brien, Amanda Smith, Mary and Doug Smith, Judy Sonsalla-Lissick and Greg Lissick, Philip Spensley, Rana Stanfill-Hobbs, Jeanne Schleh and Robert Stanich, Jamez Staples, Ruth Ann Starr, DeeAnn Stenlund, Emily Stennes, Zack Stephenson, Lee Stocking, Robert Straka, Michael Sullivan, Marcia and Wesley Sundquist, Pamela Swanson, Peter Swenson and Pam Jewson, Zack Tamble, Beth Tamminen, Katherine Teiken, June, Darryl Thayer, Melvin and Sharon Thelen, Jillian Theuer, Scott Thiem, Karen and James Thimm, Michael Thimmesch, Priscilla J. Thomas, Peter Thompson, Jerome Tiller, Kathy Tingelstad, Carla Tollefsrud, Lyndon Torstenson, Jenna Totz, Linnea Trandem, Michael Trepkowski, JoAnn Trygestad, George Tully, Marian and Mike Tuomala, Rodney Turnquist, Andrew Twite, Chris Vanecek, Barb and Doug Veit, Jean Velleu, Lisa Venable, Marilyn Vialle, Mary Vlazny, Devon Vojtech, Dwayne Vosejpka, Jean and Dwight Wagenius, Tammy Walhof, Dana Wall, Liz Walton, Kerry Wang, Jennifer Washburn, Beth Waterhouse, Stu Webb and Martha Roberts, William George Weber, John Weber, Madeleine J. Wegner, Judith Weir, Joel Weisberg and Janet Watchman, Joe and Sue Weisenburger, Caleb Werth, Katherine H. Westlund, Betty Wheeler, Darlene and Thomas White, John Masiulis and Marise Widmer, Robert and Hiroko Williams, Shawn Willy, Thomas C. Wilson, Winona Renewable Energy, LLC, Todd Winter, Richard and Lois Wintersteen, Thomas Witt and Mary Ruth M. Preus, Douglas and Linda Wogstad, Debbie Wuerffel and W. Kirchgessner, Jessi Wyatt, Xcel Energy Foundation, Peter and Peggy Yackel, Joshua Yank, Jackie and Steven Zimmerman, Joel Zook


Kirk and Kathleen Abbey in honor of Ross Abbey

Deepak and Pamela Advani, Randy and Bird Anderson, John Deering, Erik Ekstrom, Kent Farrington, Bill Gilmyers, Dan Gold and Alexis Broome, Chris Haroza, Neil and Mary Hodges, Lisa Machado, Krista Porvaznik, Tom Sadowski Photography, Rana Stanfill-Hobbs, Paul and Janelle Wegner in honor of Nick Garbis’ Day Across MN Ride

Barbara Allan (2) and William Mahlum Jr. and Kelly Jones in honor of Donna W. Allan and Bill Mahlum

Dick and Cathy Bernard in honor of Our grandkids, who will live in the world we leave behind

Thomas Braun in honor of Liesl Braun

Drew R. Campbell in honor of Charles Wm. Campbell

Douglas Carlson in honor of Lee Carlson

Erika Clyma in honor of James Ladner and Tracy Van Steenburgh

Jean and Mark Davis in honor of Hazel, Ben, Zack and Emily Davis

Chad Dayton in honor of Sarah Clark

Margaret A. Finlayson in honor of Adaline Shinkle

Mari Forbush in honor of Beth Pearlman

Furshong and Petrich Family in honor of Duane Ninneman

Nicholas and Sarah Garbis in honor of Meggie LaValley

Lee George in honor of The planet future generations will inherit

Jeff Hawthorne in honor of The proud men and women who work in the electrical field

Melina Weir and Charlie Henrikson in honor of Lynn Henrikson

Melina Weir and Charlie Henrikson in honor of Peggy Henrikson

Mitra Jalali Nelson in honor of Matt Privratsky

Charlotte and Ward Johnson in honor of Lesley Crosby

Hwa Jeong Kim in honor of Matt Privratsky and Caley Long

Peggy Korsmo-Kennon in honor of Peter Kennon Rood

Meggie LaValley in honor of Leigh Onkka

Carla J. Long in honor of Jack R. Laudenbach

Barbara McIlquham in honor of Anita Duckor

Mike Menzel and Kathy Iverson in honor of Maurice Menzel

Michael and Patsy Noble and Elizabeth Raymond in honor of Mary Nichols

Lois Nordling and Phil and Karin Peterson (2) in honor of J. Drake Hamilton

Lela Porter in honor of Gigi and Ian Gleckner

Melissa Rappaport Schifman and James Schifman and Kathryn Rozin in honor of Ellie Schifman

Susan Rosenthal in honor of Louis West

Tim Sexton in honor of Michael Noble’s pocket square

Kenneth and Julie Smith in honor of Our kids and grandkids

Andrea Vaubel in honor of Michael Noble!

Gigi and Carolyn Veglia in honor of Federico Rossi

Matt and Sara Wessale in honor of Minnesota’s Bees

Katherine H. Westlund in honor of Erik Gamradt

Paul White in honor of John Dunlop’s passion and commitment to a sustainable future

Laurel Wills and Alex Eastaugh in honor of The planet future generations will inherit

Harry and Belle Yaffe Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation in honor of Chuck and Candice Nadler


Marv and Judi Boike in memory of Anne Boike

Jamie Borell in memory of Mary Green

Julia Eagles in memory of Sarah Ferguson Eagles

John Kearney in memory of Helen Mary Kearney

Debbie Kereluk in memory of Mark A. Markos

Harris Kleyman in memory of Katherine & George Horvath

Caryl Nelson in memory of C. David Nelson

Brian and Julia Frost Nerbonne in memory of Edward Owens

Lori Olinger in memory of Willard Glade

Elizabeth Porter in memory of Don and Harriet Porter

Lela Porter in memory of Mort Lader and Don and Harriet Porter

Robert Roos in memory of Arvin W. Roos

Christi Saari in memory of Frances Sanzo Saari

Matt and Sara Wessale in memory of Minnesota’s Bees