Energy Matters

Energy Matters

2016 Vol. 31 (Winter)

Fresh Energy in Paris for historic climate agreement | Xcel's community solar turns one year old

2015 Vol. 30

How much energy are our school buildings using? | Schools save money by cutting energy waste

2015 Vol. 29

The Minnesota Way: An Oral History of the 2007 Renewable Energy Standard and Next Generation Energy Act

2015 Vol. 28

Our economy and energy policy | INFOGRAPHIC: How to build a wind turbine | The Midwest: a leader in clean energy

2014 Vol. 27

An outdated business model | INFOGRAPHIC: Electric utilities 2.0 | Decoupling: A key tool for change

2013 Vol. 26

Making streets complete | INFOGRAPHIC: The benefits of Complete Streets | Creating a comprehensive Complete Streets policy

Powering Progress

Powering Progress

2016 No. 7 – July

Value of solar | GRE retiring costly plant | Technology, innovation, and energy | New team members

2016 No. 6 - June

Co-op customers win big | Four coal units set to retire | Meet Ramez | Community solar goes up north

2016 No. 05 - May

Chaotic session ends | Fixed fees denied | The War on Science | Save the date for Fresh Energy's benefit breakfast | Always ready

2016 No. 04 - April

Nation-leading carbon recommendation | Cut more waste, save more money | 325,000 EVs reserved in 24 hours | Solar, Soil, Crops, Water | Always Ready

2016 No. 02 - February

DRIVE - NEUTRAL - REVERSE: What's shifting EV markets? | Fully Charged | Clean Power Plan put on pause | State of Green Business 2016

2016 No. 01 - January

"Massive" win for renewable energy | Partnering with the Department of Energy | Schuerger appointed to PUC | 2015 - the warmest on record

2015 No. 12 - December

Historic Paris climate agreement | Community Solar Birthday Party | High expectations for low income energy efficiency | Remembering former Board Chairman Steven Hoffman | Fresh Energy and PlugInConnect launch EV partnership

2015 No. 11 - November

How can solar work for people of all incomes? | How much energy do our schools use? | Attorney General Lori Swanson announces support of the Clean Power Plan | Schools cut energy waste, save money

2015 No. 10 - October

Xcel Energy proposes nation-leading transition from coal to renewables | Experts discuss local fuel for efficient local energy systems | How has decoupling worked so far? | Rochester goes all-renewable

2015 No. 09 - September

Smart and Fast EV event brings national leaders to St Paul | Solar for all program aimed at providing solar options for all Minnesotans | Minnesota Partners Collaborate on Energy Code Compliance | Grid modernization a win for consumers, businesses, and utilities

2015 No. 08 - August

PUC tells co-op to refund wind/solar fee | J. Drake Hamilton meets President Obama in the White House | Minnesota showcased for Drive Electric Week | Helping ensure a cleaner, more equitable, and connected East Metro

2015 No. 07 - July

Minnesota Power announces end of coal at Taconite Harbor 1&2 by 2020 | Clean Energy Plan shows savings from closing Sherco | President Obama’s solar for all announcement a significant step | Revamped Complete Streets website provides resources for local advocates, communities, and local leaders

2015 No. 06 - June

Smooth Road Ahead for Xcel to Connect 50+ MW of Community Solar | 2015 Legislative session | How can we make multifamily housing more energy efficient? | Fresh Energy Annual Report

2015 No. 05 - May

Fresh Energy welcomes Nancy Pfund and Steve Corneli | Fresh Energy welcomes Holly Lahd | How does net metering work?

2015 No. 04 - April

Minnesota shows its leadership on two energy efficiency policies | The Minnesota Way: The Oral History of the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act | Wisconsin Public Service Commission approves Badger Coulee Transmission Line

2015 No. 03 - March

Progress on a bipartisan Clean Energy Jobs package | Public Utilities Commission ensures community solar program will continue

2015 No. 02 - February

Show me the money: why real data is so important for solar discussions | Your mother's (community solar) garden: It's on the way

2015 No. 01 - January

Wind Energy Production Tax brings $48 million to Minnesota | Judge trims Xcel’s rate increase request | Ecolab’s all-solar decision earns praise and recognition | Non-zero sum game

2014 No. 10 - October

Graphics show Minnesota’s growth in clean energy jobs | Minnesota’s clean energy economy is driving market development, jobs, wages, and innovation

2014 No. 09 - September

Minnesota takes big step toward counting the real costs of burning coal | Making room for more benefits of Minnesota wind power | Minnesota slams door (and insulates it) on drafty homes with new energy code

2014 No. 08 - August

Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission approves new community solar option for Xcel customers | Cities and counties reap millions from wind production

2014 No. 07 - July

State’s first Clean Energy Economy Summit and national recognition | Energy information crucial to measuring progress on energy goals | Historic win for solar in Iowa

2014 No. 06 - June

Environmental Protection Agency announces first carbon pollution limits on coal plants | Past meets present: Advertising for electric vehicles set for major resurgence | Proposal to save consumers money, reward energy efficiency

2014 No. 04 - April

Minnesota House of Representatives passes strong energy omnibus bill | Helping Homeowner Associations expand solar access, energy security | Minnesota’s historic opportunities for carbon reduction

2014 No. 03 - March

This session, let's make transportation funding a priority | Bipartisan bill for electric vehicles is a win-win

2014 No. 01 - January

Look for big decisions on energy in 2014 | Energy 101: What is the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission?