Energy Matters

Energy Matters

2015 Vol. 29

The Minnesota Way: An Oral History of the 2007 Renewable Energy Standard and Next Generation Energy Act

2015 Vol. 28

Our economy and energy policy | INFOGRAPHIC: How to build a wind turbine | The Midwest: a leader in clean energy

2014 Vol. 27

An outdated business model | INFOGRAPHIC: Electric utilities 2.0 | Decoupling: A key tool for change

2013 Vol. 26

Making streets complete | INFOGRAPHIC: The benefits of Complete Streets | Creating a comprehensive Complete Streets policy

2013 Vol. 25 - Summer

Global warming: Here and now | INFOGRAPHIC: Fighting global warming | Opportunity: Climate solutions

2013 Vol. 23 - Winter

Better buildings = Big savings | INFOGRAPHIC: Energy codes and your home | Getting the most out of codes

2012 Vol. 21 No. 4 – winter

Each issue of Energy Matters offers in-depth analysis on just one energy issue at a time, giving you the big picture while zooming in on just enough nitty-gritty detail to provide the inside story. First up? Energy efficiency.

2011 Vol. 21 No. 3 - Summer

Clean energy and efficiency policy in 2011; support for clean air from surprising corners; member John Gostovich on global warming, energy in America, and cats; and more

2011 Vol. 21 No. 2 - spring

Innovators succeed where lawmakers fail; Happy birthday, Complete Streets!; meet Duane Ninneman, charming change maker; and more

2011 Vol. 21 No. 1 - winter

Infrastructure for the clean energy economy; Midwest Energy News expands; volunteer Sharon Grimes shares her passion and ability; and more

2011 Vol. 20 No. 4 - fall

Regulations make coal more costly than ever; policy can speed our transition off oil; member Anne Hunt descibes how livability means clean energy, clean air, and clean water; and more

Powering Progress

Powering Progress

2015 No. 04 - April

Minnesota shows its leadership on two energy efficiency policies | The Minnesota Way: The Oral History of the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act | Wisconsin Public Service Commission approves Badger Coulee Transmission Line

2015 No. 03 - March

Progress on a bipartisan Clean Energy Jobs package | Public Utilities Commission ensures community solar program will continue

2015 No. 02 - February

Show me the money: why real data is so important for solar discussions | Your mother's (community solar) garden: It's on the way

2015 No. 01 - January

Wind Energy Production Tax brings $48 million to Minnesota | Judge trims Xcel’s rate increase request | Ecolab’s all-solar decision earns praise and recognition | Non-zero sum game

2014 No. 10 - October

Graphics show Minnesota’s growth in clean energy jobs | Minnesota’s clean energy economy is driving market development, jobs, wages, and innovation

2014 No. 09 - September

Minnesota takes big step toward counting the real costs of burning coal | Making room for more benefits of Minnesota wind power | Minnesota slams door (and insulates it) on drafty homes with new energy code

2014 No. 08 - August

Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission approves new community solar option for Xcel customers | Cities and counties reap millions from wind production

2014 No. 07 - July

State’s first Clean Energy Economy Summit and national recognition | Energy information crucial to measuring progress on energy goals | Historic win for solar in Iowa

2014 No. 06 - June

Environmental Protection Agency announces first carbon pollution limits on coal plants | Past meets present: Advertising for electric vehicles set for major resurgence | Proposal to save consumers money, reward energy efficiency

2014 No. 04 - April

Minnesota House of Representatives passes strong energy omnibus bill | Helping Homeowner Associations expand solar access, energy security | Minnesota’s historic opportunities for carbon reduction

2014 No. 03 - March

This session, let's make transportation funding a priority | Bipartisan bill for electric vehicles is a win-win

2014 No. 01 - January

Look for big decisions on energy in 2014 | Energy 101: What is the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission?

2013 No. 11 - November

Thousands of Minnesotans weigh in on the future of Sherco 1 and 2 | A better utility business model | Value of solar draft methodology shows promise, but work remains

2013 No. 10 - October

The real health and environmental costs of Minnesota’s electricity | Minnesota moves ahead on community solar

2013 No. 09 - September

The importance of strong policy leadership: Xcel seeks permission to buy cost-competitive wind faster than required | Removing barriers to solar financing in Minnesota

2013 No. 08 - August

Making it easier for utilities to invest in efficiency | Recognizing the true value of solar

2013 No. 07 - July

Take Action: Xcel Energy wants to keep burning coal at Sherco 1 and 2 | Metropolitan Council: Address climate in the Twin Cities | Efficiency: Minnesota's preferred energy resource

2013 No. 06 - June

Community solar gardens: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you | Minnesota homebuyers can now find home efficiency and green building information

2013 No. 05 - May

Big gains in clean energy and efficiency this year | Following rollercoaster session, transit funding falls short

2013 No. 04 - April

Hundreds rally at the Capitol for clean energy jobs as energy bills move forward | Transit funding at critical stage after bumpy month

2013 No. 03 - March

Bill to increase 40 percent by 2030 renewable energy standard may face serious opposition | Visionary transit, biking, and walking bill is on the move | Breaking down barriers to solar for all Minnesotans | Small changes, big benefits: Positioning utilities to promote energy efficiency—and achieve their business goals

2013 No. 02 - February

Minneapolis benchmarking and disclosure ordinance passes unanimously // Transit funding gains momentum // Two Minnesota power companies phase out coal // Fresh Energy, Will Steger Foundation meet with Governor Dayton

2013 No. 01 - January

Minneapolis considers mandatory energy use disclosure for city’s biggest users // Take Action: Urge public energy use disclosure of Minneapolis’s biggest users //Why is transit funding Fresh Energy’s top issue this legislative session?

2012 No. 12 - December

Our 2013 legislative session priorities // Take Action: Tell Governor Dayton to make transit a priority

2012 No. 10 - October

The inconvenient truth: Why no one’s talking about global warming // What’s next on climate and clean energy policy?

2012 No. 09 - September

A first-class transit system is essential for the Twin Cities // An immediate next step for Twin Cities transit—fund Southwest Light Rail

2012 No. 08 - August

Rochester will retire Minnesota's oldest coal-fired power plant // PUC delays decision but puts Minnesota Power - and aging coal plants - on notice

2012 No. 07 - July

New federal transportation law leaves key questions for MnDOT, MnDOT’s statewide transportation plan: Where will it take us? Take Action: Tell MnDOT your vision of Minnesota’s transportation future, Take Action: Track your trips to help make the region more bicycle-friendly, Tips and Tools: Biking in Minnesota, Thank you for bringing your own bags to benefit Fresh Energy!

2012 No. 06 - June

Americans show record-breaking support for first-ever carbon pollution limits; Urge Minnesota regulators and utilities to retire the state’s oldest coal plants and meet science-based carbon goals

2012 No. 05 - May

Minnesota’s 2012 legislative session ended on May 11. How did solar power, transit, energy efficiency, and renewable energy fare this year?

2012 No. 04 - April

Energy 101: Building codes; Proposed energy code would save Minnesotans money and energy; Take Action: Do you want a healthy and energy-efficient home?

2012 No. 03 – March

Next in line: Legislature must move on Southwest Light Rail Line this year, Minnesota voters to policy makers: Don’t weaken Minnesota’s foundation of efficiency and clean energy laws

2012 No. 02 – February

Protecting clean air and human health from industry assaults; Take Action: Thank Senator Amy Klobuchar for taking a stand on clean energy; At the Legislature: Keeping Minnesota's clean energy policy foundation strong; Eight hundred sixty-nine days and counting: Federal transportation bill still in limbo

2012 No. 01 - January

Our take: Does the Stillwater bridge proposal align with Mn/DOT’s new vision?; Regional transmission plan paves the way for renewable energy, lower customer bills; Tips and Tools: Transit tips for winter weather

2011 No. 12 - December

Does renewable energy raise your power bills?, From Albert Lea to Ely, efficiency is saving Minnesotans money, Mn/DOT has a new vision – what will it mean?

2011 No. 11 - November

Coal ash: The freedom to pollute? Take Action: Urge policy makers to regulate coal ash at the federal level, Community Wind Act will help get more small projects off the ground, Cuts to farm bill may leave rural energy programs hanging

2011 No. 10 - October

Obama administration delays as planet warms; Take Action: Urge President Obama to limit pollution from power plants to protect our health, environment, and economy; More small-scale, local clean energy in Minnesota? Energy 101: What in the world is distributed generation?

2011 No. 09 - September

Obama prevents clean air, gearing up to defend biking and walking, solar and subsidies, Energy 101: The ROI of biking and walking

2011 No. 08 - August

transit in Minnesota takes a blow; new transmission rules; costs of coal; Energy 101: How to build a new coal plant in Minnesota

2011 No. 07 - July

efficient buildings; Energy 101: What is the Renewable Energy Development Fund? and more

2011 No. 06 - June

Summing up the 2011 Minnesota legislative session: coal, transportation, and clean energy and efficiency; Energy 101: Transportation finance in Minnesota

2011 No. 05 - May

The Minnesota legislature moves backward on energy; Energy 101: Coal

2011 No. 04 - April

Why don't your elected leaders want you to benefit from energy efficiency? Plus Energy 101: Is renewable energy driving up your electricity bill?

2011 No. 03 - March

Down to the wire on coal pollution policy at the Capitol; Mandating a coal plant -- wait, make that a natural gas plant -- in Minnesota; Energy 101: Energy assistance programs; more

2011 No. 02 - February

Progress toward meeting Minnesota's energy savings goal; Energy 101: light bulbs by the numbers