Lori springs for a used electric vehicle

Lori Greene is an artist who owns a studio, classroom, and art supply store, Mosaic on a Stick, in the heart of the Hamline-Midway neighborhood. Long committed to sustainability, Lori had been thinking of buying an electric vehicle for over two years. After her car of 15 years racked up some costly repairs, she finally made the leap.

The Schempps take on clean energy

The Schempps are a middle-class family of four, living in their cozy West Saint Paul home. Matthew and Stephanie, an online high school English teacher and an editor, respectively, bought their 1,600-foot bungalow two years ago. The couple lives with their children, Sebastian and Malcolm, plus their two cats, Taco and Josie. They love their tight-knit community nestled near a local coffee shop and the green Cherokee Park of the West Side.