Happy young mixed race couple spending time with their daughter

Energy Access and Equity

Moving toward an equitable energy future where all Minnesotans can reap the benefits of efficiency programs, renewable electricity, and clean energy jobs.

Climate change: it’s an LGBTQ+ issue, too

How will a warming climate affect those with fewer resources? Our policy associate, Anna Johnson, assesses how climate change impacts the LGBTQ+ community.

Janiece and Caley chat: equity and communications

Words are powerful. Where is Fresh Energy showing up language-wise in our equity work? Janiece and Caley talk it out.

Making an organizational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our policy associate, Janiece Watts, shares steps we’ve taken as an organization to better embed diversity and equity into our work.

Big updates to the 2019 Solar*Rewards Program

Changes to program will will provide incentives which are specifically designed to reduce barriers to access for low-income customers. Ben Passer explains…

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