ECO Act Update: One year of progress with even more to come

These simple actions can help reduce your energy usage, make your home more efficient and put money in your pocket. In this photo set, contractors at John Owens in Marin County installed an electric water heater with a heat pump in Green Change director Fabrice Florin’s home, to reduce their carbon emissions. They got rid of their old natural gas heater, which was emitting a lot of CO2 in the air we breathe. Their new water heater is now entirely powered by wind and solar, since they use 100% renewable electricity from MCE. Next, they will gradually electrify our home, to replace all their natural gas appliances and stop spewing CO2 in the atmosphere. This is just one example of the climate actions we can take to make a green change in our lives: switching to 100% renewable electricity, getting an electric vehicle, biking more often, canceling long flights, converting gas appliances to electric and eating a plant-rich diet. By taking all these actions this year, the Florins have now reduced their household carbon emissions by nearly half in just 6 months. They hope to reach zero emissions by the end of next year, to help solve the climate crisis. And besides taking action in his own life, Fabrice also started Green Change, a new climate action network in Marin, to help others go green together. View more photos about greening the Florin home: To learn more about going green, visit Green Change: #climateaction #electric #energy #green #greenchange #greenhome #heatpump #homeimprovement #waterheater

Implementation of the ECO Act is underway, let’s look back at the four biggest things that have happened so far, and what’s still to come.

Landmark moment for the future of gas in Minnesota

Fresh Energy reached a landmark moment as we filed our first round of comments in the new fossil gas dockets at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.