About Us

Our Mission

Fresh Energy’s mission is to shape and drive realistic, visionary energy policies that benefit all. Together we are working toward a vision for an economy we thrive in and energy that ensures our well-being.

Fresh Energy is speeding Minnesota’s transition to a clean energy economy, which will ensure that our region enjoys good health, a vibrant economy, and thriving communities today and for generations to come. From putting Minnesota on the pathway to being a national renewable energy leader to promoting clean transportation options for our growing economy, Fresh Energy has been an essential partner in helping the region develop efficient, cost-effective, and inclusive energy programming.

Working purely in the public interest, Fresh Energy’s team of scientists, economists, policy analysts, and educators develops and advances solutions that secure a clean energy future where all can thrive.

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Our Story

Fresh Energy is driving clean energy solutions that benefit our local economy and health:

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Our work takes place through seven major program areas:

Core Values

Incorporated in 1992, Fresh Energy is a trusted energy leader. Our work is rooted in the following core values:

  • We act with courage and urgency. Our economy, environment, and health cannot wait.
  • We act with a clear purpose. Our priorities are driven by the impact of the outcomes.
  • We act from fact. Sound analysis and open-minded evaluation inform and influence our policy choices. 
  • We act with transparency and integrity. You’ll know exactly who we are and what we stand for.
  • We act in the spirit of cooperation and fairness. The best way to solve our energy problems is by working together.
  • We act with respect. Our actions large and small reflect our belief that the environment and all people have value.