Clean Energy

Helping Homeowner Associations expand solar access, energy security

solar panels on house

Homeowner Associations (HOA) play an important role in guiding standards for their communities that maintain and enhance character and value. Recent advances in the way individual homeowners secure energy have put undue strain on HOA board members to learn technical standards and techniques at a time when they’d rather be firing up the grill or spending time with family.

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Transportation & Land Use

Bipartisan bill for electric vehicles is a win-win

Chevy Volt

Back in 2011, Fresh Energy conducted an intensive, six-month deep dive into the issue of plug-in electric vehicles. With the help of several local and national experts, we studied a full range of EV-related issues and policy implications. But we also wanted to address one main question: should Minnesota embrace plug in vehicles? The answer is a resounding yes.

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