Tips for using the “electrification and you” resource 

Do your homework! This resource is intended to help you on your decarbonization journey by giving you some high-level details about state and federal assistance that, depending upon your eligibility, may be available. Do not use this as your only source of information! Set aside time to do your own research and remember, some categories of incentives on this page are subject to cumulative, annual caps grouped by type. Some have income limits. Additionally, some categories of incentives are renter eligible, while some are not.

Make a plan. If you’re not sure where to start and even if you think you know, it’s smart to begin with a Home Energy Audit, which will give you the information you need to start making a plan. If you are renting your home, use this resource to start a conversation with your building owner about energy efficiency and electrification!

Both tax credits and rebates are listed on this site. Many of the rebate programs have not yet been launched at the time of printing. When they do launch, pay close attention to the eligibility guidelines and any deadlines as funds may be limited.

Remember! Tax credits will come into play the following tax year after your purchase and you will need to know your tax liability to calculate your benefit from tax credits.

And don’t forget about utility rebates. Many utilities offer rebates to help you decarbonize. Check your local electric and gas utility for more information on these “stackable” rebates!

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