February – April 2021 Supporters

To continue our work, we rely on the generosity of people like you who care about America’s energy future.

Thank you to our Power Circle members for their generous support in February, March and April:

Philip and Kathy Adam, Anonymous (2), Aufmuth Family Foundation, Brad and Julie Blue, Steve and Christine Clemens, The Culp Family Foundation, John and Susan Dunlop, EcoTrust, Lynn Glesne, Google Matching Gifts, Peter and Mary Gove, Hawn Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Hayden Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Matching Gifts, Steven Jorissen, Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation, Medtronic Matching Gifts, Mike Menzel and Kathy Iverson, Pamela Moret, Jane Newman and Amy Lange, Mary Jo and Mark Nissen, Michael and Patsy Noble, John Orrison and Lydia McAnerney, Debra L Rappaport Fund for Shleymut (Wholeness), Venkatesh Srinivas, Karen and Les Suzukamo, Paul White, Medora Woods

Thank you to our Fresh Sustainers for their generous monthly, quarterly, or annual support in February, March and April:

Dick and Sharon Aadalen, Karen R. Achberger, Sandy Ahlstrom, Matthew and Kirsten Anderson, Tom Anderson and Nancy Conger, Nancy Andrews, Anonymous (2), Jason Astleford, James Barott, Eric and Lisa Berglund, Brad and Julie Blue, Ralph and Mary Brindle, Stephen C Brown, Richard Condon, Kyle R. Crocker, Don and Jean Dahlstrom, Rob and Liza Davis, Drew Davis, John and Susan Dunlop, John Dyer, The Ebinger Family, Lannell Farmer, Katie and Rick Fournier, Kent Fritz-Smead, Laurel Gamm and Charles Stephens, Christine Gleckner, Sandra Goodyear, Tom Hagan, William and Marlene Haider, Lani Hanson, Bob and Nancy Hassett, Lucinda Johnson, Steven Jorissen, Daniel Katzenberger, John Kearney, Mike Kemper, Kathy Koch, John and Barbara Krenn, Amelia Kroeger, Brad Larson and Jennifer Johnson, Neal Lesmeister, James Loewen, Jean and Arnold London, Ian MacDonald, David Marvosh, Donald McClure, Bob and Mary Moncur, Mary Jo and Mark Nissen, Michael and Patsy Noble, Lori Olinger, Steve and Shelley Orr, Douglas Owens-Pike, Ellen Palmer, Brian PaStarr, Ken Pearson and Kate Poole, Erik and Melanie Peterson-Nafziger, Lela Porter, Angela Robinson, Mary E. Savina, Gary Schettl, Karen and David Scott, Robert Secor, Gregg Severson, Tyler Slind, Venkatesh Srinivas, Elisabeth Steigerwald, Maria Surma Manka and Joram Manka, Dennis L. Thompson, Daniel Tikk, Drew Turro, Dolores Voorhees, Robert and Ellen Wahlstrom, Jason Willett, Medora Woods, Andrew Zimmer

We recognize these members for their generous support in February, March and April:

3M Foundation, AARP Matching Gifts, David Abel, American Association of University Women – Minneapolis Branch, Donna Anderson, Robert and Shirley Anderson, Cindy Angerhofer, Anonymous, Louis Asher and Lisa Wersal, Gene and Lois Bakko, Jacque Bieber, Char Brooker, Therese Buckley, C.H. Robinson Matching Gifts, Daniel Clarkin, Bob & Diane Coderre, Rosemary Coleman & Davis Fox, Virginia Coller, Luis Contreras, Jay and Page Cowles, Sidarth Dasari, Gary and Connie Degrote, William Dow, Meredith and John Drake, Rick Duncan and Beth Goodpaster, EcoLab Foundation, Susanne Engstrom, The Estee Lauder Companies Matching Gifts, Virginia Evans, Jim Fasching, Mark Frederickson and Kathy Sullivan, Carol Freeman, Stephen and Monica Frytak, Laurie and Scott Gauer, Marilyn Gehrman, Peggy Hall and Lee Barry, Mary Ellen Halverson, Jim Hart, John F. Hick, Linda Holt, Kevin Iungerman, Stan and Janet Jacobson, John and Thelma James, Shelley John, Jack Kattner, Kattner Associates, Barbara Kaufman, Sue Kearns, David Koehser and Nancy Dunnigan, Rick and Barb Kraft, Eric W. Larson, David Leppik and Jordan Wood, Peter and Pam Leschak, Sherryl Livingston and Jim Lundy, Marcus and Regina Magnuson, Bill Malcolm, Lisa Maloney-Vinz, Larry Margolis, Tom and Nancy McDougall, Microsoft Matching Gifts, Microsoft Rewards, Stacy Miller, Jan Mitchell, Amy Momsen, Jim Nichols, Irene Nosow, Eugene and Julie Ollila, Todd Otis, Joseph F. Palen, Karyn & Steve Paulman, Richard and Donna Peterson, Leigh Pomeroy, Red Hat Matching Gifts, Robert Reeber, Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, Katherine Schafer, Mary and William Schmidt, Gary Seim, Lester Shen and Karen Linner, Alice Smiddy, David Solomon, Judy Sonsalla-Lissick and Greg Lissick, Philip Spensley, Ronald and Diane Stevens, Tom Strobel, Kevin Stroom, James Tade, The Lader Charitable Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Melvin and Sharon Thelen, Thomson Reuters Matching Gifts, Thrivent Choice, Michael Trepkowski, JoAnn Trygestad, John and Sally Turrittin, UnitedHealth Group Matching Gifts, Lance Vrieze, Nancy Walker, Brent Weaver, John and Marlene Weber, Joanna Wentz, Charles Whatley, Robert and Hiroko Williams, Ken Williams, Nate Winkelman, Winona Renewable Energy, LLC, Will Wlizlo and Sage Dahlen, Katy and Dave Wortel