Policy change is our superpower

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You’ve seen it in the news—global climate change and energy independence are more important than ever. These can feel like overwhelming problems, but there is a lot we can do to drive solutions here in Minnesota and the Midwest. The best way to make progress at the scale of the climate crisis is through policy change, and that’s Fresh Energy’s specialty.

Thanks to your support, Fresh Energy is transforming our Midwest economy with more clean energy jobs, healthier air, and modern, zero-carbon housing and transportation options. But the future hangs in the balance.

Our economy must be fully carbon-neutral by mid-century to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary in 2022, Fresh Energy’s team of scientists, economists and attorneys is laser-focused on achieving that goal and ensuring that the transformation of our society increases equity so all can prosper.

Fresh Energy is celebrating 30 years of clean energy progress in Minnesota and the Midwest—but we need to do more. Will you join us with a gift to ensure that together, we can continue to make clean energy and climate history as we chart the path to an equitable carbon neutral economy?

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Fresh Energy’s nationally recognized programs have generated game-changing results over the past 30 years, but at this moment we can and must put our work into overdrive.

Better Buildings: One of Fresh Energy’s first accomplishments was to improve Minnesota’s building energy code so Minnesotans could pay less for heating and cooling.

  • In 2022 we are working to update the code again to keep us on track to ensure that all new buildings are “net zero” by 2036—super efficient and powered by carbon-free electricity instead of gas.

Climate-Friendly Energy: Policies secured by Fresh Energy have moved our state away from coal, spurring investments in wind, solar, and battery storage and creating new family-supporting jobs across the state.

  • In 2022 our regulatory experts are working utility-by-utility to end all fossil fuel-based electricity generation to ensure reliability and keep utility bills low. We are also taking action to maximize new federal investments and harness the power of the private markets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across the economy, with a focus on equitable wealth-building.

Clean Transportation: Vehicle exhaust is a top greenhouse gas and also includes many health-damaging pollutants. We are speeding the transition to cars and buses powered by clean electricity, bringing new electric vehicle models to our state through Clean Cars Minnesota, and building out vehicle charging stations.

  • In 2022 we are doubling down on electrifying our transit and school buses, setting the stage for a shift to electric trucking, and making electric cars affordable for more Minnesotans.

We know how to tackle the problem, but we can’t do this work without your support. Join us today and together we will keep making clean energy and climate history in Minnesota.

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P.S. We’re celebrating Earth Day throughout April! Download pollinator-friendly solar Zoom backgrounds and join us for a virtual event.