Thinking globally, acting locally

Fresh Energy board member and Power Circle donor Eric Pasi is living and breathing the climate movement. Driven by love for his family, his Tongan ancestral roots, and a passion for clean energy, Eric works as a solar developer, has published a book about clean energy careers, and is the creator of a climate-inspired music project called Palms Psalm.

Eric’s personal climate journey also includes his commitment to Fresh Energy as a donor and board member. “I give to Fresh Energy because I know my donation is making a huge impact. If you were to talk about dollars spent per gigaton of carbon displaced, there’s no better value than Fresh Energy.”

With a deep understanding of the energy transition, Eric’s dedication to Fresh Energy stems from his firm belief that Fresh Energy is filling a crucial space in the clean energy movement, pushing big policy initiatives forward and helping coalesce other voices around one of the biggest issues of our time.  

You can find Eric’s climate-inspired music on Spotify or catch him at a gig in the Twin Cities this summer. In the meantime, we hope you will join Eric in making a difference by becoming a Fresh Energy Power Circle donor.

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