Passion and purpose

Fresh Energy board member and Power Circle donor Deepinder Singh found his passion and purpose as a new parent with a common problem: lack of sleep. When he realized that his young daughter was waking frequently in the night because she was cold in her bedroom, he used his skills as an engineer to make his home more comfortable and energy efficient.

As a result of this home improvement project, Deepinder founded 75F, where he serves as CEO. “I wanted to take my background in electronics and computing and apply it to this problem I saw. I realized that by harnessing technology advances and innovations, we can redistribute heat and energy in our buildings to stay more comfortable and have the added bonus of saving energy.”

Deepinder shares Fresh Energy’s vision of an equitable, carbon-neutral future and is making an incredible impact at 75F by helping commercial buildings become more efficient. But you don’t need to change careers to make a difference. “Fresh Energy is one of the most important voices that we have, and by supporting them you are speeding our transition to a more efficient world. It’s so important for our long-term future.”

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