Making an impact with sustainable strategies

Melissa (“Lissie”) Rappaport Schifman and her husband Jim are passionate about sustainability and have been Fresh Energy donors for over 12 years. According to Lissie, “Global climate change is the single biggest issue and threat to our children’s future. But we can be inspired by this challenge to change, innovate, and improve. Fresh Energy is leading the way by influencing public policy and educating people on our transformation to a clean energy economy.”

In addition to supporting Fresh Energy, Lissie is advancing the clean energy transition both personally and professionally.

With a Masters in Public Policy and an MBA in Finance, Lissie has made a career of working with businesses to develop sustainable strategies that reduce energy, water, and waste—while saving money. Her commitment to sustainability is also front and center in Lissie’s personal decisions. In 2011, she got her own home LEED Gold certified and became the Twin Cities’ fifth LEED Homes Accredited Professional. Recognizing the dearth of resources for advice and help on this process, she has written a book, slated to be published this August.

Thank you, Lissie, for your support of Fresh Energy and for all you do to move us toward a clean energy future!