Legacy in action

Marc Hugunin and Alice Pepin. Photo/Marc Hugunin.

As residents of the St. Croix River Valley, Marc Hugunin and Alice Pepin have long supported protecting one of Minnesota’s greatest resources: fresh water. In 2008, Xcel Energy proposed a landfill site in nearby West Lakeland Township to dispose of fly ash from the Allen S. King Power Plant in Oak Park Heights. Concerned the site was unsuitable and could contaminate the groundwater, Marc worked with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to advocate for a rule that would prohibit landfills where karst (a soluble topography) was likely to occur. It worked; plans for the landfill were scrapped.

Years later, as Marc and Alice developed their estate plans, protecting water remained a priority for them. But they also realized that a stable climate plays an essential role in safeguarding Minnesota’s natural resources. Attracted to Fresh Energy’s focus on shaping and driving energy policies to advance climate solutions, Marc and Alice joined the Fresh Future League in 2018 with a planned gift commitment to Fresh Energy.

Alice passed away in 2021 after battling cancer, but the decision that she and Marc made to invest in Fresh Energy will ensure that their support of clean water and a stable climate endures for generations to come.

To join Marc and Alice in leaving a clean, sustainable legacy with a planned gift, please contact Fresh Energy’s Development Team at freshfutureleague@fresh-energy.org.