An enduring impact

As a Fresh Energy supporter for over a decade, Stacy Miller is dedicated personally and professionally to championing a clean energy future. This commitment led Stacy to a decision that will leave an enduring impact on Fresh Energy’s work.

“I want to continue to support Fresh Energy’s work beyond my lifetime, and making a planned gift in my will is a really easy way to give back to an organization that has done so much for climate and clean energy.”

For Stacy, who is a Sustainability Program Coordinator for the City of Minneapolis and on the Board of Directors at Dakota Electric Association, it all comes back to creating an equitable and sustainable clean energy future. She strongly believes that to achieve this, we will always need people and organizations to lead the work.

“Fresh Energy staff are some of the most effective and brightest minds in this profession. I would encourage anyone who is interested in supporting causes after they’re gone to have these important family discussions–it’s easier than you might think and offers peace of mind.”

We are grateful to Stacy and her family for supporting Fresh Energy now and in the future. To join Stacy in leaving a clean, sustainable legacy for years to come with a planned gift, please contact Meggie LaValley at